Pumpkin Pecan Pie by Hall & Co. Event Design

Chef and Owner of Hall & Co Event Design & Little Acre Kitchen Dom, shares his pecan tart recipe for #nationalpecanday Pastry Recipe makes 4 tartlets 225g plain flour 110g butter 80g sugar 1 large egg Method Crumb together by hand the butter in to the flour, then add the sugar, mix in the egg and enough milk to form a soft dough, allow to rest in the fridge for an hour before rolling, when chilled begin rolling the pastry to line the cases, divide the mix in to 4 , roll to roughly 1/2 cm thick and line the case, fill with baking beans and cook at 180 degrees for 10-15 mins till starts to turn golden in colour, remove from the oven and allow to cool while you make the pecan filling Lets Peca

Supplier Spotlight- Lee Allison Photography

Saturday 14th April marks 'Look up at the sky day'. Today we'd like to feature one of many talented photographers, Lee Allison. Lee works around Cambridgeshire as well as a destination photographer capturing those magical moments at weddings and events, including beautiful shots underneath the sky. Find out more about Lee's background, his style and plans for the year ahead... Lee, can you tell us a bit about how you ventured into photography? I actually studied photography at college years ago, back when camera’s were film and you needed a dark room to develop your own prints! I then went off to University and began working in Graphic Design for 12 years. During that time I did some second

Happy 'National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day' from our sister business, Little Acre Kitchen

Ever wondered what magic is inside a Little Acre Kitchen grilled cheese toastie? Look no further. Dominic Hall shares his method and favourite fillings with Team Hall & Co. Ingredients 2 slices of sourdough (we use a bakery local to St. Ives) Handful mature cheddar 1 ball of mozzarella Red onion jam Salt and pepper "Slice the mozzarella and start building the toastie..." "...layering the mozzarella over one slice of sourdough..." "...season with salt & pepper..." "...top with the grated cheddar." "Add a good spoon full of red onion jam." "Bring both halves of the toastie together, heat a table spoon of olive oil in a frying and colour the toastie on each side..." "Then pop in the oven for ab

2018 Wedding Trends with Hall & Co. Event Design

Image via Wedding Sparrow Here’s a guide to this year’s trends, a few predictions and a little inspiration for the 2018 bride tribe. But first, it’s important to point out a common misconception, being ‘trendy’ definitely doesn’t have to mean conforming or succumbing to popular culture, nor does it mean you have to abide by a certain trend, just because everyone else is. It also doesn’t mean that wedding professionals will be forcing particular trends upon their brides just because they love it, or it’s considered ‘in’. Trends simply allow you to be a part of a moment in history. They document a certain moment in time; imagine looking back at a history with no trends and no way of distinguis

Wedding Planners, What's Comfortable?

As a full-service events company we seesaw between smart, on-our-A-game clothes and comfortable gym wear (AKA, no hazard scaffolding attire). Each day is different, and so we all must be prepared for site visits, meetings, event set-ups and impromptu staff photo shoots. We can have more than two outfit changes a day. A small bag with only the things you need? Oh no, we're here there and everywhere, bringing half our wardrobe with us around Cambridgeshire! Everyone in the office has their own fashion style but there are a few similarities between everyone in the office; we all love new balances and a shirt trouser combo. Check out what’s in our bags and where we shop... Elizabeth Favourite co

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