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2018 Wedding Trends with Hall & Co. Event Design

Image via Wedding Sparrow

Here’s a guide to this year’s trends, a few predictions and a little inspiration for the 2018 bride tribe.

But first, it’s important to point out a common misconception, being ‘trendy’ definitely doesn’t have to mean conforming or succumbing to popular culture, nor does it mean you have to abide by a certain trend, just because everyone else is. It also doesn’t mean that wedding professionals will be forcing particular trends upon their brides just because they love it, or it’s considered ‘in’.

Trends simply allow you to be a part of a moment in history. They document a certain moment in time; imagine looking back at a history with no trends and no way of distinguishing a period. As Kylie Carson, international wedding and event planner has said, there’s something so beautiful about creating something meant for this very moment.

An element of timelessness within design is certainly key, and it’s important to bare that in mind when planning your wedding.


T e x t u r e I s K e y

We look to the arts, interior design and other media to predict the trends. This year will be about moving away from opulence and glamour, and towards elegance, textures, colour and detail.

Goodbye silks, hello velvet. Velvet is predicted to be everywhere, from bouquets to groomswear luxe fabric, creating a warmth in texture.

Metals, particularly copper and rose gold will be taking centre stage this year.

Image via Ruffled


B o l d e r & B e t t e r

Colour: think brighter, braver, more daring and even more dramatic. Brides will be adding pops of colour to florals, tablescapes, linen and stationary. Pantone have predicted peachy coral, periwinkle blue, cherry tomato and vivid yellow, to be at the forefront of colour palettes.

Image via Fab Mood

Image via Fab Mood

Jewel tones will create an expensive, moody vibe. Pretty pastels and neutrals will forever be timeless, however, colour palettes that involve two colours will left in 2017. Injections of colour will make this year the boldest and brightest, and potentially the most exciting.


U l t r a V i o l e t

Love it or hate it, this year’s Pantone colour of the year is here to stay. Ultra violet will most definitely be used by wedding professionals and seen within styled shoots, and will therefore filter into weddings.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Because it’s a little controversial, it’s an exciting opportunity for wedding stylists to test their creativity to the limit and break the boundaries of the usual wedding trends. Pantone described their colour as ‘dramatically provocative and thoughtful.’

Paired with a crisp white, violet would be shown off both dramatically and fashionably. Likewise, balanced with subtle tones of grey or pale pink would create a delicate and understated look.

Image via English Wedding

Hues will range from the deeper, more dramatic violet, to the gentler, more pastel lilac.


U n c o n v e n t i o n a l V e n u e s

This year, brides are moving away from ‘blank-canvas’ venues and edging towards venues with character, history and that can be enhanced, not transformed.

We’re seeing couples seek out alternative venues: from orchards and vineyards to restaurants and anywhere in between.

Garden and outdoor weddings are also increasing in popularity. This is being made all the more accessible through Wedding Celebrants: professionally trained officials who have the ability to marry a couple in a far more relaxed manner, and whose ceremonies are not required to take place underneath a permanent licensed structure - i.e. they can marry you anywhere!

British brides are also trying to emulate the popular outdoor Italian wedding aesthetic, with long tables, ample fairy lights, olive trees and dripping in candle light.

Clear marquees are steadily growing in popularity. They’re a wonderful alternative to an orangery, with all the vibes of an outdoor wedding, but with none of the weather worry.

Image via Wedding Gaze


I n t e r a c t i v e F o o d

Wedding food is now all about interaction, experience and fun.

Sharing boards will continue their reign of popularity, including antipasti and mezze starter boards. Guests love the informality and social aspect that sharing platters offer.

Image via Vicky Grafton

Image via Slub Na Glowie

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, brides are always considering how their day will look in photographs and therefore, funky, aesthetically pleasing food displays are also key. Whether that means moving away from the traditional banquets and onto food trucks and portable pizza ovens… As long as it’s quirky and photogenic.


A n y t h i n g B u t P a p e r

In regards to stationary, it’s all about unusual materials. Perspex made its entrance in 2017 and is increasingly popular this year, as are marble & rocks.

Image via Brides

Image via Etsy

The velvet trend is also predicted to make an appearance within stationary.

Image via Etsy

Personalization, too, is sought after this year. Brides want something that will is beautifully classic, yet makes a statement, grabbing the attention of their busy guests.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe will be ever-popular this year; dreamy, ethereal and whimsical. Anything hand-drawn, with watercolour artwork and calligraphy is always a timeless winner.

Image via Rylee Hitchner


T a b l e s c a p e : S a m e S a m e B u t D i f f e r e n t

Patterns are making a comeback. Couples are moving away from the monochrome prints of linen, and towards somewhat bolder designs to make a statement and brighten the room.

Image via Style By Design

Image via Mod Wedding

Unique tables; similarly dressed, but with individual twists, such as linen from the same colour family, but different hues.

Image via La Tavola Linen


W h a t ’ s St i l l I n

Candles, candles and more candles. Twilight ceremonies are becoming an increasingly popular choice, perhaps due to candlelight’s enchanting ambience.

Image via Wedding Forward


W h a t ’ s D e f i n i t e l y O u t

Country-chic and shabby-chic DIY weddings. 2018 will be moving towards a more elegant, refined aesthetic. Say goodbye to mason jars and the more rustic, countryside twee trend.

Huge guest lists: intimacy is in.

Anything overly rigid or formal: relaxed, celebratory vibes are key.


T i m e l e s s n e s s

When planning your wedding it is important to remember not to get lost in the trends. Pick aspects of trends that you really love, and know that when looking back at photographs in years to come, you’ll still adore them.

Timeless trends are key to ensuring your wedding will withstand the test of time. A timeless trend can be created by taking aspects of several trends that have been repeated throughout the years, and cohesively blending them together.

In an ironic and actual fact, many of the current trends contradict each other. So, therefore, use trends to inspire you, but ultimately, choose whatever you adore, whatever you’re passionate about and whatever suits you.

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