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6 Sustainable Ways To Decorate For Christmas

Sustainability is an important consideration when it comes to seasonal decorations, including Christmas. Whilst it’s a great step to take at home, it’s even more important for businesses and commercial properties to consider the impact their seasonal styling decisions make for a number of reasons ranging from scale to the influence they have on others.

Our team suggest the following 6 sustainable decorating practices to create a festive season that’s kinder to the environment and promotes responsible consumption and waste reduction.

Sustainable Christmas decor ideas
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1. Use natural Decorations

Opting for natural décor such as fresh evergreen branches and sprigs, pinecones and dried flowers can minimize the environmental impact as they can be composted after the festive period. Make an activity of it by going foraging in your garden or local woodland, adding a personal touch and making memories at the same time.

2. Repurpose and rent

As trends change and we look to have a varied scheme each year it can be easy to head out and purchase new decorations each year. By renting from a stock of curated seasonal items businesses can both save on costs and promote a more responsible approach to consumption.

3. Use LED lights

LED lights are more energy efficient compare to traditional Christmas lights, consume less electricity and have a far longer life span. You can also use solar powered lights to reduce your carbon footprint further.

4. Use sustainable wrapping

Gift wrapping can generate a substantial amount of waste over the festive season. Opt for papers made of recycled materials, and that can be recycled again by avoiding foiling and glitter where possible. If in doubt look for a recycling logo on the packaging. For an extra level of style and personalisation wrap gift in purposed fabrics and scarves which can then become a part of the gift also.

5. Choose sustainable Tree’s

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree, so when sourcing a real Christmas tree look for options that are sustainably grown. Opt for a potted tree that can replanted each year or try out the Christmas tree rental schemes which operate on the same principle. Alternatively if you choose to have an artificial tree, look for those made of recycled materials and reuse them for many years, or try creating an alternative tree with other natural materials such as wood, pinecone or paper.

6. Get creative

Making wreaths, garlands and table decorations from fresh greenery is a traditional way to celebrate the season and is a great activity to do with friends and family. Look out for our wreath making workshops this winter to learn how to create your own sustainable winter wreath.

As with all aspects of progress and change, it's rarely possible to take on everything at once. But small steps lead to big changes and as the events and retail industry is becoming increasingly motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and make active and informed choices it makes it more achievable for everyone. To chat to one of our team of experience stylists on how we can design and install a bespoke seasonal scheme for your events or business, which represents both your values and your identity as a brand get in touch at


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