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Pink & Red Christmas Inspiration...Dream Big!

Who say's Christmas decor has to be traditional and cosy? With the blockbuster Barbie movie taking over this summer, get ready to infuse your winter celebrations with her signature style, bringing nostalgia and fun to the Christmas season in a new way!

Barbie Christmas Decor Ideas
Images Sourced from Pinterest

Barbie's world is all about vibrant colors. Taking inspiration from her signature pink hue and mixing it with complementary shades of silver, gold, and red this inspiration scheme couldn't be more fun. Introducing these colors through traditional seasonal staples of ornaments, tree's and table settings, as well as bringing in some non traditional materials and textures.

Ready to transform your home into a Barbie-inspired wonderland this Christmas?

Enquire about bespoke decor schemes to bring your festive vision to life. Our team of skilled designers can help you create a personalized decor plan that embraces the magic of Barbie while staying true to your individual style.

Let's go party...


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