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The First 10 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

So, you have just got engaged… Firstly, a huge congratulations! This is such an exciting time, likely to be filled with lots of celebrations and excitement. Once the initial whirlwind of congratulations has calmed, you may start to turn your thoughts to wedding planning, which, whilst incredibly exciting, can be a little daunting!

For newly engaged couples, there can be a lot to think about and it can feel overwhelming knowing not quite where to start. But don’t worry, our team of expert wedding planners are on hand to help, and are here to share their top tips and advice for recently engaged couples.

Image of the Hall & Co. Event Design team of wedding planners
Image captured by Sarah Brookes Photography

1.      Enjoy the moment

First, and most importantly, enjoy the moment! It might seem silly, but after getting engaged take some time to soak it all up.

There is no rush to start planning right away, and we would encourage you to take some time to relax and enjoy being newly engaged before the planning process begins.

2.      Discuss you dream day with your fiancé

Once you’re ready to start planning your day, we recommend sitting down with your fiancé and thinking about what your ideal wedding looks like. Try to avoid jumping straight onto Pinterest, and instead discuss together which elements are really important to you both, and which other things you are perhaps keen to avoid. Have you been to any weddings before that you loved? Are there any locations or seasons which are sentimental to you both? Try and draw parallels between the ideas that complement and match each others.

Summer marquee wedding reception planning, design and florals by our team. Image captured by Thyme Lane
Image captured by Thyme Lane

3.      Discuss budget

It might initially feel difficult to talk about money, but it’s important to discuss this early on in your wedding planning journey. Be realistic about not only how much you can spend, but what you actually want to invest in your day. This will help you to avoid booking suppliers early on, which may stretch your overall budget and limited other areas.

4.      Are there any non-negotiables?

Think about priorities for your day with your partner. Perhaps the food or entertainment are the most important element to you, or maybe you want to choose somewhere with accommodation to create an elongated weekend of celebration. Whilst you may end up compromising in some areas, it is good to know from the offset what each other’s non-negotiables are so these can be prioritised in the planning process.

S & D captured by Johnny Dent Photography

 5.      Draft a guest list

When in the early stages of wedding planning, it is good to draft an initial guest list to give you an idea of the number of guests you are likely to want to invite. While this number may be fine tuned further down the line, it helps to avoid choosing a venue with an unsuitable capacity, or a caterer who’s per head price isn’t going to work for your numbers and budget.


6.      Discuss the style of wedding you would like

Think about the style of day you would like with your partner. Do you envisage a day which is quite relaxed and informal, or picture something a little more traditional. Just like those non-negotiables, think carefully about the style of day you are trying to curate and how you envisage the vibe. When you get to choosing a venue or other suppliers, this will help narrow the scope of what you are looking for.

We find social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram great for providing some inspiration.


7.      Think about time of year

Another important thing to think about is the time of year you want to hold your celebration. Are you dreaming of a warm summer day with an outdoor ceremony and marquee reception? Or perhaps a cosy winter wedding is a more up your street? No matter what you fancy, it’s important to consider the season and what best works for you both.

C & R's beautiful Autumnal wedding at The Granary Estates, captured by Nigel John.
C & R's beautiful Autumnal wedding at The Granary Estates, captured by Nigel John.

8.      Start to create a shortlist of venues

One of the first things you will likely book when planning your wedding is your venue. This is such an exciting step, and really sets the tone for your event. Start by thinking about location and the style of venue that you are looking for. However, don’t be afraid to consider some alternate styles, you might just view them and fall in love.

Once you have an idea of the styles and location of the venue that you are after, we recommend creating a shortlist of different options. Start by contacting venues to check their availability and find out their hire fees, and then from those which are suitable you can arrange to go and view these in person.

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start and look, we find directories, such as Coco Wedding Venues, a really useful resource to see lots of venues in one place. Recommendations from family and friends are always brilliant too.

If you’re still struggling with this stage, we offer venue sourcing as part of our planning services. You can see more about this and other planning services here.

If you’re getting married at home or on private land, we recommend one of the first suppliers you choose to be your structure provider.


9.      Start to think about other key suppliers

Once you’ve chosen your venue, it’s time to start thinking about other key suppliers, these may include, but are by no means limited to, caterers, photographers, videographers, and florists. You may also need to book the person that will be leading your ceremony, such as the registrar or celebrant.

Thinking about your dream style and those non-negotiables you set out, try to find suppliers who’s work captures this, whilst also remaining mindful of budget. Again, Instagram and Pinterest can be brilliant tools to find suppliers. Your venue may also have a recommended supplier list to help inspire you. Some venues, do have restrictions around suppliers so make sure to familiarise yourself with this before booking.

You may want to take time to look at the reviews of suppliers, or ask to see examples of their work at real weddings to get a feel for their experience.

Take time to find suppliers who you love and who's work resonates with you.


10. Enjoy

And finally, remember to enjoy the process! Whilst it can all feel a little daunting, this is such a wonderfully exciting time.

If you’re still struggling to know where to start, why not book a planning power hour call? Perfect for newly engaged couples looking to kick start their wedding planning. Our planners will share their expertise and knowledge, and help to inspire your wedding planning. Get in touch here.

Guests toasting their champagne during the wedding speeches captured by Caitlin and Jones
Captured by Caitlin & Jones


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