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5 Ways to use nature in Christmas Decorating

Celebrate with simplicity and elegance by bringing the outside indoors and embracing the beauty of nature through the Christmas season.

Natural Christmas Arch Installation
Natural Christmas Arch Installation- Burghley House Christmas Fair 2023

Fresh Christmas Greenery Installs

Create Garlands using fresh evergreen branches to bring a seasonal burst of colour and continue the long-standing tradition of decorating our homes with winter foliage, a reminder that spring will return after the cold winter. Make it a family activity and take a foraging walk collecting evergreens, look out for pine, fir, conifer, mistletoe, and holly. Drape garlands along mantles, down staircases or along window sils before decorating with your favourite ornaments.

When foraging make sure to be mindful of local restrictions and rules, check with your local authorities if unsure and if foraging on private land you must have the land owner permission.

Natural Christmas décor

Collect pinecones from the outdoors and transform them into beautiful hand-crafted décor. Attach ribbons or twine and hang them from your tree or garlands, cluster into a bowl or vessel and add micro wire lights for a cosy centrepiece or wire many onto a wire wreath frame for an alternative wreath that will last you for many years to come.

Creating a festive atmosphere

Fragrance and smell are a really great way to create a cosy festive atmosphere. Use dried citrus and while spices to create garlands, wreaths or hanging tree decorations that will last the while season and if stored correctly, for many more years too. Slice oranges, limes and grapefruit and dry them on a low heat in the oven before stringing or wiring together. Combine whole cinnamon sticks and star anise for the ultimate Christmas scent.

Natural Luxury Christmas Wreath
Natural Christmas Wreath Handmade by our Team

Natural Christmas Décor

Try collecting dry and downed branches or driftwood to layer and build a rustic table centrepiece. Intertwine micro wire lights or candles in holders for a soft glow or suspend above a table or kitchen island and decorate with hung baubles and ornaments for an impressive statement piece.

Dry your own natural décor

Plan ahead through the year for your seasonal décor and dry items through the summer ready to use in winter. Lots of great plants can be dried and preserved before being made into wreaths, added into fresh greenery or use to fill vases and vessels too. Experiment and have fun with different materials and find your favourites. Plants such as grasses and wheat, flowers and seed heads and pods work really well! Tie together with twine and hang upside down somewhere dark, dry and warm for the best results.

Remember when using natural items in your Christmas décor to be mindful of safety, ensure candles are safely enclosed, avoid placing flammable materials near heat sources. To find out more about foraging follow the link below to read advice.


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