Could Socially Distanced Weddings Ever Work?

Over the past few months, we have seen nearly every industry affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, and as lockdown eases, we have begun to see businesses and other industries start to adapt to the new normal. On the 23rd of June, it was announced that social distancing rules could be relaxed to 1m and that wedding ceremonies of 30 people or less could take place. This is obviously a huge step forward. However, this would not currently include wedding receptions and is a far cry from what most dream of when planning their big day. As keen followers of wedding trends, our team has thought a lot about what weddings could look like following the pandemic and how it could work for our team. Would

9 Questions Your Florist Will Ask When Designing Your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the style and design of your bouquets is one of the biggest (and most exciting!) decisions in terms of flowers for your wedding! There is certainly lots of exciting things to think about, from colours, shapes, style and design. Whilst it is slightly governed by season, there is still so much to decide on when designing your bouquets. Our floristry team have pulled together a list of helpful questions that your florist may ask you when designing your bouquets. B and her Bridemaids' bouquets designed by our team. 1. Colour One of the first and most important things to think about is colour! Try and think about the other key colours in your wedding, and what you have already chosen. Fo

Vegan Wedding Tips: What Vegan Canapés Should I Have?

Canapés are perfect for keeping your guests going until the wedding breakfast is served and lets be honest, a drinks reception wouldn't be complete without some nibbles! They're a great opportunity to showcase some creative catering whether it's through flavour or presentation. N and her bride tribe enjoying a canapé during the drinks reception served by our team. However, what comes to mind when you think of vegan canapés? Although we are seeing a huge rise in vegan catering at events, some are still sceptical, with many falling for the misconception that vegan canapés can be bland or boring. We have seen a real shift towards vegan weddings and most couples typically want to offer at least

Top Tips on How to Support Your Wedding Supplier Throughout the Pandemic

Just like lots of industries the Coronavirus Pandemic has ground the wedding industry to a halt. In an industry which relies on groups of people coming together to celebrate it surely is an uncertain time, with no one able to predict when things will be back up and running as ‘normal’. For a lot of wedding suppliers, they are often small teams or one person companies who rely on a certain number of weddings and events each year, and although many have been lucky to have help from the government, many wedding suppliers large and small have been hit hard by Coronavirus. But whilst your wedding or event may not be able to go ahead, how can you continue to support your trusted suppliers through-

11 Things You Can Do Towards Planning Your Wedding From Home

Feeling slightly dispassionate and at a standstill with planning for your wedding day? Our team has put together some ideas of what you can continue to do during lockdown and help you find that excitement again. Also ticking off some of these easy at home tasks will make you feel better once your busy life resumes. 1. Get creative Lots of us have a extra time on our hands at the moment so why not try making some making something for your big day? You may not be a creative person but some of these homemade ideas are simple and effective. Also making DIY items for your wedding day adds a unique added touch to your day. For example, making homemade confetti. Dried petals are very popular choi

How to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Day After Postponing

For lots of couples who have been through the difficult journey of postponing their wedding, the date that they had thought would be their wedding day is fast approaching. So how is it best to celebrate this bitter sweet date? R & L during their drinks reception last summer, where we catered and styled the day. Image captured by Lucie Watson Photography at The Granary Estates. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you do something, although it may be hard to think about what could have been, it is important to celebrate the future and what the date signifies. When the day does come around try to remember why you are getting married, celebrate the love you and your partner have

How to Keep Your Wedding Planning Momentum After Having to Postpone

Over the past weeks and months we have helped a number of our couples postpone their wedding, and if you are one of those who have had to go through this difficult journey, we are so sorry. We have seen such resilience and strength in all our couples that have had to postpone due to COVID 19. They have taken it in their stride and we cannot wait for all of their weddings to go ahead once it is safe to do so. Image of C & T at their wedding captured by Kelsie Lowe However, after having your wedding plans dashed and your dream day postponed you may inevitably have lost some wedding planning momentum and to be honest, we can't blame you! One of the first pieces of advice we would give is to giv

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