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Happy 'National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day' from our sister business, Little Acre Kitchen

Ever wondered what magic is inside a Little Acre Kitchen grilled cheese toastie? Look no further.

Dominic Hall shares his method and favourite fillings with Team Hall & Co.



2 slices of sourdough (we use a bakery local to St. Ives)

Handful mature cheddar

1 ball of mozzarella

Red onion jam

Salt and pepper

"Slice the mozzarella and start building the toastie..."

"...layering the mozzarella over one slice of sourdough..."

"...season with salt & pepper..."

" with the grated cheddar."

"Add a good spoon full of red onion jam."

"Bring both halves of the toastie together, heat a table spoon of olive oil in a frying and colour the toastie on each side..."

"Then pop in the oven for about 15 mins till the cheese is melted and gooey."

"Remove the toastie and slice on a board"

"We serve our toasties with house root vegetable crisps and dressed mixed leaves"

"You can pimp your toastie any way you want. You can add smoked ham to the above, or my personal favourite: slow pulled beef, garlic mayo, BBQ sauce and smoked apple wood cheddar."


Happy brunching!


Little Acre Kitchen is owned and situated below the Hall & Co Offices in St Ives. As our sister business and neighbour, we spend a lot of time in the cafe, getting to experience the weekly changing menu and all its delights. Come on in to try the weekly toastie, and tell the girls in the cafe that you read this blog and they will give you a 10% discount off your bill. Don't forget to snap your meal, or toastie using #nationalgrilledcheesesandwichday and tag Little Acre Kitchen.

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