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11 Things You Can Do Towards Planning Your Wedding From Home

Feeling slightly dispassionate and at a standstill with planning for your wedding day? Our team has put together some ideas of what you can continue to do during lockdown and help you find that excitement again. Also ticking off some of these easy at home tasks will make you feel better once your busy life resumes.

1. Get creative Lots of us have a extra time on our hands at the moment so why not try making some making something for your big day? You may not be a creative person but some of these homemade ideas are simple and effective. Also making DIY items for your wedding day adds a unique added touch to your day. For example, making homemade confetti. Dried petals are very popular choice as it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Another bonus is that it does not cost a penny!

A homemade copper frame perfect for displaying family photo's, made by one of our brides. Florals and Styling by Hall & Co. Event Design.

2. Finalise your guest list Finalising your guest list can be a difficult and time consuming task. Making sure you include everyone and stick to your venues maximum capacity can be a challenge and often we are too busy to sit down together to decide. Well now is the perfect time to dedicate a few hours to run through your who you want to invite and ensure you have your day guest list and evening guest list finalised.

3. Table plan Once you have figured out your guest list then you can move onto the task of seating arrangements. Are you going to have table names or numbers? Some guests like to name their tables with something that reflects you as a couple, but others like to stick to numbers to keep it nice and easy for their guests. I would definitely start with working out how you would like to position your tables. If you have still haven’t decided round or long tables, this is the time to get deciding!

Start with the top table and work from there, thinking about who you would like closest to yourselves during the meal (and where to position that noisy table, as we all have a table that begins to become jolly and loud throughout the wedding breakfast).

Table plan written by Bewilderly, florals by Hall & Co. Event Design

4. Confirming your suppliers You may not be able to meet your suppliers face to face but plenty are offering virtual meetings and are available able to help remotely. Many venues are now doing virtual tours so that you can carry on with your wedding plans whilst at home. With lots of wedding suppliers getting booked up for 2021, we would advise you confirm any suppliers which you haven't yet booked as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

If you haven't already take this time to find and confirm your dream suppliers. Image of our team finalising plans for the day.

5. Organisation This is the perfect time to get organised! Contact all your suppliers and ensure they have all the information they need from you at this moment in time. You can check when information like final guest numbers and your final balance is due and make sure you stick to these timelines. Work alongside your on the day co-ordinator to draft your running order of the day, and if you are feeling extra organised whilst you are at home, create a document with all your suppliers contact details and to do lists running up to your wedding day.

6. Create your Wedding playlist Create your wedding playlist, with all your favourite songs. Think about which order you would like them to be played in, and include background music for the wedding breakfast and drinks reception. And if you are feeling up to it, then why not start practising you first dance?

Kerry Diamond Photography captures epic the moment Bride performs her own DJ set at her Voewood Wedding. Hall & Co. Event Design provided the catering, styling and on the day coordination.

7. Practise speeches This is always something that gets left until last minute, right? Use This time, start drafting your speech and even practise it in the mirror. Not only is this going to be a great job to tick of your list, but by practising in advance hopefully it will help for you to feel more confident when delivering it!

Delivering that perfect speech, moment captured by Lee Allison Photography at L & R's wedding, where we provided the catering, styling, prop hire, floristry and on the day coordination for the day.

8. Listen to wedding planning podcasts Listen to wedding podcasts to get inspiration and new ideas. Listen whilst in the garden, soaking up the sunshine or have it in the background whilst you are working from home. If you are looking for a laugh, then you could listen to The Big Day Babes, or if you are looking to get practical guidance and support Bridechilla is a brilliant podcast to listen to.

9. Draft your wedding invitations Draft the style, content, and overall look of your wedding invitations. Don't forget to think about on day the stationary to, such as name cards, menus, and signage. If you have not yet booked your wedding stationery, then you can use this time to find a stationer that suits your vibe, or you can get creative and practise calligraphy to personalise your own invitations.

Find your perfect wedding stationary. Image taken by Sarah Brookes Photography.

10. Create a Pinterest board for the styling of your day Pinterest can give you some great inspiration for your day, and you can create a board with all the colours, styles, and ideas you love. If you have had to postpone your wedding and your new date is in a different season, then re-create your Pinterest board with new and exciting ideas. Maybe before you had a summer wedding and now you have a winter wedding? There is plenty of amazing winter wedding ideas out there, including our winter wedding blog series. Starting again is not a negative, if anything it is a positive as you get to plan another wedding, well kind off! If you have been effected by having to postpone why not check out our blog on how to keep you wedding planning momentum after postponing?

11. Date Night It's important to remember why you're getting married and celebrate your love for each other! Create a romantic ambience at home for a relaxing and fun date night, that will take your mind off the pandemic for an evening. Enjoy spending quality time together, dress up, play your wedding playlist, see if your cake company could deliver you a taster of your wedding cake, and have a candle lit dinner (or takeaway). If you have postponed and are wondering how to celebrate your original wedding, check out or recent blog.

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