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Festive Seasonal Styling For AstraZeneca's Winter Wonder Festival

We love working with brands and businesses alike to transform and style their events. Most recently, we collaborated with The Crane Event to fully style an event for AstraZeneca, which took place at Robinson College in Cambridge. The event was an afternoon of talks, team building activities, and an opportunity for colleagues to mingle and celebrate the year’s achievements ahead of the Christmas break. It included attendees that were both in person and joining digitally from around the globe.

The brief, supplied by The Crane Event, was festive but not Christmas, and they wanted to include lots of twinkling lights, a casual soft seating area, and really transform the modern college space. They also wanted to incorporate the purple, gold and blush branding of the event.

The logo for the event, which we took inspiration from.

Senior Creative Producer, Millie, set to work on designing a scheme for the event. We wanted to create a festive environment that immersed those attending the event. Cue an abundance of Christmas trees in different shapes and varieties, all decorated with lights but no baubles, to create a modern scandi feel. In addition, foliage wreaths were added with lights to lots of the windows and doors, all styled with bows that matched the branding colours of the event. The mass of trees and foliage garlands created an elegant, modern look that was incredibly impactful.

The cosy corner we created, using a selection of our props and clusters of Christmas trees.

In the main room where the talks took place, we also styled a cosy soft seating area. The brief was for this to be casual, and the client wanted to make use of bean bags. We created a mix of low-level seating, floor cushions and pouffes in a palette of jewel tones, including the deep purple, blush and gold of the event’s logo. Layering textures, including velvet and faux fur helped to create an abundant and rich festive feel. We surrounded the lounge area with trees, all decorated with lights, to soften the space and make it feel cosy and festive.

We wanted the entrance foyer to be a welcoming space and for the design to be immersive and impactful from the moment guests arrive. We placed clusters of trees near the entrances and added faux garlands and wreaths to the doorways. We also styled the sign-in desks and dotted trees and wreaths around the lobby to create a festive feel.

We carried on the festive décor in the 3 breakout rooms upstairs, with large foliage wreaths on each door and garlands inside. We added trees to walkways and entrances, to add impact but remaining mindful of the space and ensuring there was enough room for the planned activities.

A few words from organiser and designer, Justin, from The Crane Event:

“Thank you so much for Thursday, you and your team did fantastically. The client seemed very happy and the emails I have seen have been incredibly positive.”

If you’re looking for assistance styling a corporate event or are a brand looking for florals and/or styling for a product launch or shoot, we would love to hear from you!


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