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Top Tips on How to Support Your Wedding Supplier Throughout the Pandemic

Just like lots of industries the Coronavirus Pandemic has ground the wedding industry to a halt. In an industry which relies on groups of people coming together to celebrate it surely is an uncertain time, with no one able to predict when things will be back up and running as ‘normal’. For a lot of wedding suppliers, they are often small teams or one person companies who rely on a certain number of weddings and events each year, and although many have been lucky to have help from the government, many wedding suppliers large and small have been hit hard by Coronavirus.

But whilst your wedding or event may not be able to go ahead, how can you continue to support your trusted suppliers through-out this time?

Our brilliant team of Event Managers helping to create a bespoke backdrop for the Muddy Stiletto awards in 2019.

Social media engagement

One of the easiest was to help your suppliers through these times is to engage with them on social media, helping to promote their business and their social platforms. Leaving a like or comment is so easy and will really help give a small business a boost! Sharing a post or adding it to your story is also quick and simple to do and can really help to promote and grow their following. Not only are all of these quick and simple to do, but they are completely free.

Leave a review

Another great and cost-effective way to support your suppliers in these times is to leave a review. Leaving a positive review can offer a massive support for a supplier. A glowing review speaks volumes and is a brilliant way for your supplier to command new bookings. They may not have provided their full service yet but you can always review what they have done so far. Perhaps they were particularly helpful when you had to postpone, why not leave a review explaining what they did? Ask your supplier where they would like the review to be left to make sure future clients can see it popular options include Facebook and google reviews.

We love receiving thank you cards! This one is from our wonderful couple Pippa and Harry, whose tipi wedding we catered and provided on the day coordination for.

Additional services from them

If you are in a fortunate position and are able to do so why not see if you can continue to use and support your suppliers during these times? Although weddings and events aren’t currently taking place many suppliers are diversifying to offer other services. You could see if your florist is offering contactless bouquet delivery, or perhaps your caterer or cake maker is offering a takeaway or delivery service? If you have already had your event and want to continue to support the brilliant suppliers you worked with before you could think about ordering an anniversary floral arrangement or finally get round to ordering your wedding photo album from your photographer.These will all help to offer a huge boost to your supplier!

Postpone don’t cancel

The main message regarding is weddings at the moment is, postpone don’t cancel. Although this may not be an option for some, where possible try to postpone your wedding or event instead of cancelling outright. Although your wedding can’t take place at this point, love is not cancelled and weddings will be allowed again, by postponing and not cancelling it remains a huge support for your suppliers who still have work to look forward to once this has all passed.

Love isn't cancelled! Beautiful moment of B & D at The Granary Estates captured by Lorna Newman. Bouquet by our team.

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