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Let's Talk Mentoring with Florist, Jo Singer

Jo Singer

I'm an in-house florist and stylist and have recently helped create the Hall & Co floristry division.


Having worked with both Hall & Co and Jades Flower Design for nearly two years now, it’s so incredibly exciting being able to create my own designs and meet with all the wonderful brides, making our combined visions become reality.

With regards to mentoring and life in general, I definitely believe that you learn something – or several things – new, daily. 

"Working with Hall & Co has encouraged me to grow in so many ways. It’s pushed me daily, I forced myself to do things that terrified me and, subsequently, they have now become second nature."

Elizabeth has incredible amounts of faith, belief and trust in her staff, entrusting them with her ‘baby’ and, in turn, enabling their creativity, confidence and talents to flourish. 

I am also a florist for Jades Flower Design, where I, without fail, learn new floristry skills and tips every week. My boss, Beverley, is a wonderful tutor; patient, smart and incredibly knowledgeable. She is the perfect mentor to learn from, not only in terms of floristry technique, but also management skills. Looking back, I now see I have subconsciously absorbed her management techniques, and undoubtedly believe a happy team is a hardworking, productive and passionate team. 

My fellow colleagues at Jade’s are similarly wonderful mentors, teaching me and guiding me, without it being a job requirement of their own. Therefore, I have subconsciously (now consciously) absorbed not only their teaching skills, but their patience and kindness within the work place. 

I’ve also experienced ‘bad’ mentors from previous work places. Aggressive management, negativity and laziness are incredibly infectious, while patience, kindness, compassion and drive are equally as contagious within the workplace. I believe a lot can be learned from ‘bad’ mentors, in that you learn exactly in which ways you, yourself, don’t want to manage in the future. Good things always come from bad.



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