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Our Top Tips for designing Pinterest worthy tablescapes

Our team share their styling secrets for designing and creating beautiful tablescapes. Whether you are seating 2 or 200, here is everything you need to know, to create a perfectly styled table.

Image of a relaxed English country garden inspired tablescape, styled by our team at a photoshoot at Willow Grange Farm, flowers by Feather and Ferns, stationary by LSP Fine Design, shot by Becky Harley Photography.


One of the first things to think about when designing the look for your tables is which furniture to opt for. Your venue may already supply tables and chairs, but if they don’t, or you want something different, you may need to consider different furniture options. One of the big decisions here is deciding the shape of your tables, normally this is between long or round tables. Traditionally rounds are more popular, and some find allow for better conversation, but we have seen a huge rise in popularity for long tables and there is something so dramatic about their look.

It’s also important to remember chairs. Often when designing a tablescape, you can focus more on what’s on the table and the smaller details. Whilst these are of course important, the tables and chairs you choose have a huge impact on the overall look and style of the tables. Think about what style you want to create, and how the textures of your furniture will work alongside the other elements of the design.


When picking the colours for your table try to think about other key colours in the wedding. Take inspiration from your bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmens' suits and also think about what colours you have opted for your flowers. Picking out a similar palette for your tables will help to tie the whole look together.

Easy options to add colour could be through your linen, with either a coloured napkin or tablecloth, or why not think about adding a coloured water glass to bring out an accent colour?


Adding texture to your design is vital! This will help give different dimensions to your look, and create an overall finished feel for your table. The textures that you opt will have different effects on the overall look. For example, a linen napkin could help to soften the look, whilst a textured linen could create a contrast. Combining textures in a tablescape design can also create interest and help details stand out.

As mentioned before, the tables and chairs you opt for can also add texture, whether you’re going for a rustic look with wooden tables and chairs, or a more minimalist modern look with acrylic ghost chairs. It is also really easy to add texture with the smaller details, such as a hand dyed silk ribbon attached to your stationary, or gold rimmed crockery or glassware.

It's all in the detail. Place setting styled by our team, stationary by LSP Fine Design, shot by Becky Harley Photography.


There are lots of ways you can introduce lighting to your tablescape, from a fairy light canopy, hanging filament bulbs, or candles on the table. Including a soft light can also help to create an atmosphere throughout the meal for your guests.

Candles are a particularly popular way of not only adding light but creating a romantic look and feel. You could consider using taper or dinner candles alongside floral arrangements, or opt for pillar vases with pillar or floating candles as the basis of your centrepieces.


Whatever you opt for in terms of centrepieces will also really define the overall look and style of your table. You could go for tall or low centerpieces, and anything from a floral arrangment to candles surrounded by foliage. But regardless of what you go for, make sure you opt for something which suits the style of your tablescape and more broadly the overall style of your event.

Small floral urn arrangment by Feather and Ferns, shot by Becky Harley Photography.


When designing your tablescapes it is important to remember the practicalities and think about what the space will be used for. Your guests need to be able to comfortably sit and eat, and the catering staff need to be able to serve them quickly and easily, so try to avoid overfilling the tables. Make sure that there is enough space for things like wine coolers, bread baskets and salt and pepper.

When thinking about the design, try to think about what it will be like when your guests sit down. You may have picked 4 plates which look beautiful stacked on top of each other, but unless you opt for a charger plate or side plate for bread, in all likelihood there won’t be any plates when your guests sit down.

Still stuck on how to style your tables? Why not talk to a member of our team.


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