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Why hiring a Christmas Stylist beats in house decorating!

Nothing brings more joy than a beautifully decorated space during the festive season. What doesn’t create this look is digging out the box of mismatched baubles and décor that spends the rest of the year hidden in a cupboard. Trust us when we say hiring a professional decorator and stylist is a game changer. With our team designing and installing a bespoke scheme that is curated to suit your space, reflect your brand aesthetic and impress your customers and clients, there are many benefits to be gained by this seasonal investment.

Time Saving Christmas Strategy

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest. For sales and hospitality the end of year season is packed with events and additional workload. By hiring a Christmas Stylist to take care of the time-consuming decorating you will save precious hours sourcing, decorating and as importantly on the take down and packing away once the festivities are over.

Creative Christmas Styling

As passionately creative people we stay up to date with latest trends and styles, and have years of experience in bringing together engaging and impressive spaces. Whether you are after a traditional look, minimalist vibe, or something bright and modern, a Christmas stylist will come in with fresh eyes and work out what will have the best impact before designing a bespoke styling proposal and plans. Having a keen eye for detail, a stylist will ensure every element of the décor is meticulously arranged, creating a seamless and magical atmosphere for your and your visitors.

Stress free Christmas Decor

Not many people can say they enjoy detangling the Christmas lights, or wresting a tree into it’s stand, but our team of decorators bring their inner zen to the process and take care of all those tasks for you, leaving you to be hands off and enjoy the festive atmosphere without the frustration.

Wow worthy Christmas Installations

Impact and engagement are a tool not to be undervalued for businesses. Creating a social buzz or encouraging conversation is a great way of spreading the work and making your space a destination location for the festive season. Whether this is for guests to sit and soak in the atmosphere while they dine or shop, or a statement window piece that has visitors sharing on their socials. Make and impression, and be remembered!

Customised and personal Festive decor

Working closely with you to create the perfect scheme a stylist can work with brand colours or imagery to design a look that leaves no doubt as to who you are. Incorporate hero products or logo’s, or work in interactive elements related to your business to drive additional engagement.

3 Speedy Seasonal FAQ's

What sets Hall and Co apart in terms of customised festive decor?

Our expertise lies in our dedication to creating personalised and memorable experiences for our clients. From incorporating custom branding and logos to designing bespoke installations that reflect your business's values, we go above and beyond to ensure that your festive decor stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

How does Hall and Co ensure that our Christmas decor reflects our brand identity?

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor every aspect of our decorations to your business's unique branding and colour scheme. By working closely with you, we ensure that every element of the decor aligns seamlessly with your brand's aesthetic and ethos, creating a cohesive and impactful visual experience that resonates with your customers and clients.

How does outsourcing Christmas styling and decor save our business time and resources?

Choosing Hall and Co Event Design means your staff can stay focused on their primary roles, without the added stress of managing festive decorations. By entrusting us with this task, your team won't feel burdened with responsibilities outside their job expectations, allowing them to fully enjoy the festive season without extra workload.

While engaging the services of professional Christmas styling comes at a higher cost then taking care of in house, it can be a highly worthwhile investment for professional businesses looking to communicate quality and style to your customers.

To discuss your bespoke styling needed get in touch with our team at


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