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Supplier Spotlight | Get to Know Country Tipis

Today we are chatting to Ceri, from Country Tipis.

One of our recommended structure suppliers, Country Tipis provide a selection of wonderful structures including tipis, marquees, stretch tents and bell tents. With over 6 years industry experience, the team at Country Tipis will be on hand to provide recommendations and advice on which sturcture would best suit your day.

A Three Tent Tipi by Country Tipis, image supplied by Country Tipis

Could you tell us a little bit about Country Tipis? The idea to start Country Tipis was born out of the search for a seasonal business that would work for both Rich and myself, and getting into outdoor events, working outdoors in the sun seemed like a great way to achieve this. We hosted our first event back in 2015, and had 2 tipis to our name which quickly grew to 3 that same year. Since then we've grown our structure stock and expanded our offering through a wide range of furniture and other extras, whilst working closely with a number of local venues on semi-permanent set ups across the South East.

Tipi Wedding, Photo by Natalie J Weddings , image supplied by Country Tipis

What structures do you offer? After a couple of years only offering Tipis, we decided to add the Celeste Marquee which is a large sailcloth-like tent with a flowing roof and flags which can be easily expanded. This year we decided to build on the success of the Celeste and add stretch tents to our offering, which are perfect for ceremony areas or smaller events. Finally, we have started to offer 5m luxury bell tents, which are ideal for creating a small camping village at your wedding.

What makes temporary structure weddings so special? The idea that you can build a truly unique wedding venue at your favourite location exactly how you envisage it. This flexibility allows you to really create the day of your dreams; from choosing your favourite evening snack, to selecting what cocktails will be available behind the bar, you're always in full control.

How can couples customise their structure? They can choose the number and formation of the Tipis, or the size of the other structures, then make the area their own by decorating it - either themselves or employing the services of a stylist. The internal layout is fully customisable, couples can then choose to include extras like our handmade furniture, a dancefloor, a bar, festoon lighting, a fire pit and walkway matting to name but a few.

Evening reception at a tipi wedding, image supplied by Country Tipis

What advice would you give couples planning a temporary structure wedding?

Whilst it's way more fun to research and book the venue, structure, florist, photographer, caterer and dress, don't neglect the practical services you will need, like a generator and toilet block.

What’s the most original thing you’ve seen in all your time working in weddings?

A roaming brass band playing outside the tipis at a large wedding at Vanstone Park, it really got the guests going and kick-started a great party!

Dance floor at a tipi wedding, image supplied by Country Tipis

What is your ideal spot for a structure?

Personally, I prefer the structure to nestle into a space, and to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Maybe something with views for my guests to enjoy, overlooking a lake or pond would be great!

What would your dream wedding day look like?

I would opt for a 3 Tipi set up in a triangle, with a focus on great food and great entertainment. A live band would be a necessity along with a great catering team that I trusted to deliver top notch dishes. Ideally, the atmosphere would be relaxed without too many formalities, allowing the guests to really let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

Tipi set up for a wedding breakfast, image supplied by Country Tipis

We love helping too co-ordinate temporary structure weddings and so i you’d like to know more about any of our recommended structure suppliers, including the wonderful Country Tipis, get in touch now.


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