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Christmas styling for Retail. Why, how and When!

Styling your business’s window or storefront for Christmas is a great was to attract those essential seasonal shoppers, create a festive atmosphere, and showcase your brand’s personality and products. With Christmas messaging getting bolder and louder each year it’s never been more important to invest in making your business stand out amongst the crowd. Our creative team of stylists are on hand to design bespoke installations that capture both imagination and attention!

When it comes to the essentials of Christmas installation planning our team focus on the following touch points-

1. Brand

Who are you as a business, and what message do you want to communicate to your audience? There is no point having the most stunning decorations, if people don’t know who your are, or most importantly remember you!

2. Product

Using your businesses product, what ever that may be to inspire the installation and be the hero of the scene. A display should both interest and excite the customer, but fundamentally it’s aim is to inspire them to give you their custom.

3.Call to action

Tell us what you want to inspire your audience to do and we will ensure this in key to the design. Do you want to make them want to come in and shop, to book, to check out your services or direct them to your website or socials?

4 Interaction

What makes your business’ display memorable? A successful styling scheme will incorporate a level of interaction or shareability. Drive social shares, tags and interaction with your in person displays or involve interactive elements to ensure customers remember you long after they have left your store.

Commercial Christmas styling

Ultimately a well-designed Christmas installation is a powerful marketing tool to utilise in the golden quarter. Being such an important aspect of your seasonal plan, it shouldn’t be an after thought, once Halloween has been and gone. It’s never too early to start creating your festive vision. Get in touch with us at to chat to one of our stylists about how we can work with you to create a memorable and successful Christmas for you and your business.

And keep an eye on our social channels for updates on our festive work in progress, and highlights from last year too!


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