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5 Minutes with... Business Owner Elizabeth

Elizabeth and husband Dom started Hall & Co Event Design over 6 years ago. At first, Elizabeth offered planning and styling for weddings and events, but the business quickly grew to incorporate, catering, floristry and prop hire. With a background in hospitality and marketing, Elizabeth loves working with corporate and private clients to bring their vision to life. She loves creating bespoke floristry and styling installations and can often be found at the top of a scaffolding tower. Alongside styling, Elizabeth's other passion is food, she loves creating bespoke menus for clients, and working with the kitchen team to design dishes which perfectly suit the client and brief.

Alongside Hall & Co Event Design Elizabeth owns and manages venue consultancy company Thirteen Twelve Consulting, and cafe Little Acre Kitchen.

Business owner Elizabeth, image by Becky Harley Photography

Today we will be getting to know Elizabeth a little better and hearing why she loves a wedding weekend so much.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Hall & Co Event Design?

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, I started Hall & Co. 6 years ago as a prop hire and styling company, over the years I have grown the business and the team to where we are now offering the range of services we do.

Have you seen a rise in wedding weekends and couples wanting to elongate their celebrations?

Yes, I think it was always seen as something quite American (much like having a planner!), but I am so glad it’s growing in popularity. We are lucky enough to do lots of wedding weekend, and have certainly seen a rise in couples enquiring about them.

Why do you think so many more couples are opting to spread the celebrations over several days?

I think it is such a lovely way to not only extend the celebration, but also spend as much time as possible in that beautiful bubble of everyone you love most. I also think that it really helps to take the pressure off needing to speak to every single person on the wedding day, which is often quite challenging when mixed in with the wedding schedule.

What goes into planning a wedding weekend?

Depending on what the couple are looking for planning a wedding weekend is almost like planning 3 different events, with different schedules, suppliers, guest numbers and sometimes locations that all need to be factored in.

A good head for logistics, time management and a strong team are vital for the planning a wedding weekend!

What top tips would you give for a couple choosing to go for a wedding weekend?

Take time selecting your venue, make sure it has the space you need and allows you to do what you have in mind. Wedding weekends can be an investment but taking time at this stage could save you money in the long run.

Photo by Becky Harley Photography

Do you expect to see a rise in elongated celebrations as current restrictions are lifted?

I really hope so! I think only time will tell the long-term impact COVID-19 has had on the way people gather and celebrate, but our enquiries have stayed strong and I hope this is reflected industry wide. I think that the importance of being able to gather everyone you love together and celebrate will have renewed significance and doing this over a long weekend will be something people look to do.

Elizabeth and team members Millie & Megan. Photo by Becky Harley Photography .

Design and describe your own dream wedding weekend.

Autumnal lakeside with a mixture of accommodation from a main house to cabins and other options. I would go all out and do Thursday to Sunday with a range of activities and the wedding on the Saturday.

What is a normal working day like for you when running an event?

All my days start with a dog walk, even if that’s at 4:30 in peak season! After that I’m not sure there is such a thing as a normal working day in events, and that’s what I love about the industry! I would almost always head to the office to run over everything and then hit the road. Depending on the wedding I can spend up to 18 hours at a venue.

Elizabeth loves creating bespoke installations

What is your favourite part of the wedding celebrations?

I cry every time someone walks down the aisle, if I’m there and the music starts that’s it! There’s something about all the anticipation, nerves and emotion in the air. Normally I see them before they are at the aisle and it’s the sudden change from chatter to silence as doors are opened that makes everything very real.

Out of all the weddings you have done, which one stands out in your mind?

I can remember so many amazing moments from all of the weddings I’ve been a part of, I’m not sure I could say which one stands out the most. All of the ones that sit at the very top of that list are where the wedding was extended over more than one day though.

What trends do you expect to see in weddings in 2021 and beyond?

I think 2021 is going to be such a mix of trends, some of our couples marrying in 2021 have been planning their wedding for 4 years due to postponements, and others will have just booked their weddings so everything from décor to dress designs will have changed.


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