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Vegan Wedding Tips: Irresistible Vegan Desserts To Serve At A Wedding

Anyone for a dry brownie? Anyone? No. I didn't think so. Vegan desserts have reputation for being bland, dry or both. Now it is hard baking a cake without eggs or having pastries without cream but, with a little bit of invention, there's no reason to miss out at a wedding.

Here are some ideas for vegan desserts we just love!

1) Pimm’s jelly with macerated strawberries, cucumber gel and orange sorbet.

Photo credit and recipe: Good Housekeeping UK

If you ever wanted to sum up the British summer on a plate, Pimm’s jelly is the way to go. Delicious and refreshing it is perfect for a summer wedding.

2) Sharing pavlova with summer berries and pistachios.

Photo credit: Hall & Co. Event Design's sharing pavlova

By whipping up aquafaba (chickpea water) and using coconut cream, there's no reason why vegans should miss out on one of our most popular desserts!

3) Beetroot brownies dark chocolate sauce and coconut sorbet

Photo credit and recipe: Plant Based Diary

Don’t be sceptical. Beetroot is the best kept secret in the brownie world. It keeps the mixture irresistibly fudgy and enhances the flavour of the chocolate, and who doesn't love chocolate brownie?

4) Tiramisu with Amaretto soaked sponge and a coffee gratin.

Photo credit and recipe: Lazy Cat Kitchen

What would a dessert list be without it? By using pandan instead of mascarpone, there's no compromising this classic.

And last but by no means least...

5) Oreo cheesecake.

Photo credit and recipe: Be Plant Well

I know right? But it's true. Oreos are already vegan which makes a great cheesecake base then a bit of culinary magic to thicken up coconut cream and voilà... A dessert that no one could say no to.

Fancy some more vegan catering tips? Why not check out our recent blog here.

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