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Do I Need An On The Day Coordinator For My Wedding? | Cambridge Wedding Co-ordinator

Alongside catering, styling and floristry, one of our most popular services is planning and co-ordination. As a team of planners we love working with our clients from the moment they get in touch, so as to ensure that their special days run smoothly and that no detail is forgotten.

One of our planners Kerry greeting the newlyweds after the ceremony.

But do you need an on the day coordinator for your wedding, and what do they actually do?

A lot of wedding venues will often come with an event manager or coordinator, who will help you plan the basics of your day. They will also likely support you by creating an order of the day before the event, and be there on the day, in order to coordinate all your suppliers and make sure the day runs to time. In the months and weeks before your wedding you will have lots of questions for them and they will become your go to person for all things wedding! If you want to take the lead on planning your own day, this maybe well be all the help you need.

However, if you have chosen a dry hire venue, or you are getting married in a less formal wedding venue, such as a marquee or tipi on private land, then an on the day coordinator might be exactly what you are looking for. Friendly and boasting a wealth of experience, an on the day coordinator will be able to answer all of your last minute questions and ensure that the day runs seamlessly, so that all that is left for you is to enjoy it.

Each wedding planner is different, but after booking an on the day coordinator, you will typically meet with them a month or two before your wedding, so that they will be able get to know you and your vision for the day. They should be there to help, not take over. At this point most of the plans will be made, your suppliers booked, and it will be the on the day coordinators job to make sure nothing has been forgotten, allowing you step back and enjoy the day.

They will compile a list of suppliers, double check timings and be there to cross check everything to ensure every little detail has been thought about and acted upon. They will be there in the days before the wedding helping with the set up process and be there to meet and greet your suppliers.

On the day they will be the go to person for you and your guests.They will work alongside your suppliers to help ensure the timings and order of the day are stuck too and nothing is forgotten. They will help to set up and change over any spaces and ensure that all those all important finishing touches are in place.

An on the day coordinator is such a huge help on your special day, as they will ensure that all the hours you have put into meticulously planning every detail will be worth it, and they allow you to step back and enjoy the unforgettable moments!

Do you think an on the day coordinator might be just what you are looking for? Why not talk to a member of our team to find out more!

One of our planners Millie, with L & S's at Horsley Hale
Kerry checking those last minute details

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