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Wedding Traditions; Where Are They Now?

Let's discuss wedding tradition.

Hall and Co. stands comfortably between Traditional and Non-traditional weddings. We're fortunate enough to work on so many beautiful and unique weddings. Each to their own, we have some thoughts that might help you if you're humming and haying about your wedding traditions.


Wedding Dress

There's been a surge over the past few years in wedding dress styles. Flower crowns, colourful dresses and bride leather jackets. The traditional wedding dress is fading away, cue Woburn Bridal.

Let's have a look at Woburn Bridal x BoDryden and their incredible collection of different dresses, jumpsuits and co-ords. The range of colours and styles you can dress yourself and your bride tribe in is unreal and really sets the bar in defying wedding fashion tradition.


Not religious? Don't fancy a large church wedding? Plenty of venues offer cicvil-ceremonies. Alternatively you can go for a humanist or celebrant ceremony which is rich in personality. We've seen couples marry the day before their wedding, taking the edge off the big day by having an informal blessing with the whole party. Or couples who elope somewhere and throw a huge party back home. Sorry tradition, we think you may be fading here!

Venue Decoration

Wedding's don't mean everything has to be classic, crisp, clean and white & green. Take it from our boss Elizabeth, who's built a business on being full-service, bespoke and personality-rich.

"Wedding's are moving more and more away from the traditional ways. There's less pressure to conform to themes. Couples opting for less specific colours allows a more natural and organic feel to their whole event. I think with there being a larger range of venues to choose from, including rustic & industrial barns or blank canvas outdoor marquees or tipis, allows a better representation of them from the beginning."


Think of the word 'wedding'. Flowers come straight to mind. Greens, creams and whites. When we look back to Princess Diane's wedding in 1981, we see resemblance to today's free-flowing bouquets. Unstructured yet compact but still loose, wedding flowers are evolving and as important as ever in weddings today.

Brides opt for more seasonal flowers, rich foliage and styles including wild asymmetrical arrangements and striking installations from arches to foliage hoops. Flower crowns are a great alternative to veils. The groomsmen carry the buttonhole tradition, though their attire may be more sleek, modern and on-trend.


Introducing the foodie movement. With street food more available than ever and being less greasy kebab, more fresh & organic, people are opting for more informal family feasting with grazing boards, street food trucks, stations, less chicken more lamb and more vegetarian and vegan options.


Everyone's seen the movies with the terrible wedding DJ and cheesy tunes. So what's entertainment like now? Well it's definitely more a party than ever. We've seen dance tipis, saxophone players and brass bands march behind a bride & groom. People are opting for more interactive, informal and fun weddings by incorporating magicians and confetti ponies to keep their guests entertained throughout the day.


Whats your take on wedding tradition? Will you incorporate history into your day or make your own statement?

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