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Living Coral: Pantone Colour Of The Year

Inspiring, courageous & somewhat contrasting to last year’s Ultra Violet, Living Coral is bold, refreshing & uplifting. Symbolising energy, passion, vivacity, confidence & life itself, we’re eager to see the radiant tone incorporated into interior design, the runways & of course, weddings, this coming year.

Its pinky-orange tones are feminine & delicately vibrant, yet easy to pair with other complimentary tones. Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate this captivating colour into your wedding, be it through florals, linen, stationary or favours.


Floral Coral

The prospect of working with heavenly, coral Peonies is pretty exciting - from a florist’s point of view. Fresh, modern & undeniably uplifting.

Paired with nude peaches, soft pinks or baby blues, the potential combinations are to die for.

The result is bold, playful & undoubtedly fun, yet not so ‘out there’ that there’ll be mixed opinions from your guests. Coral retains that pink element that is infinitely classic & timeless within wedding colour palettes. Those are the elements that many brides want; ensuring they will forever look back & adore their wedding choices.

Coral flowers: perfect for golden hued, summer weddings, or, alluding to that summer warmth on a crisp, winter wedding day.

There are many options for brightly, coral toned flowers, including, Dahlias, Vuvuzela Roses & Ranunculus. Toning down to the softer, peachy-coral toned florals - personal favourites include David Austin’s garden Roses; the perfectly peachy Juliet & the gloriously subtle, Purity.


Styling Coral

With regards to wedding styling, bursts of coral are both simple & wonderful to incorporate into your wedding palette.

Coral taper candles would be a beautifully vibrant addition to guest tables. Mixed with nude, white flowers, coral candlesticks would compliment perfectly.

Slightly bolder, but equally as lovely: coral table linen. Be it a little more adventurous with the a coral tablecloth, or softer hints within the napkins.

Think: Kate Cullen's luxuriously delicate silk ribbon, trailing from your bouquet & flowing with the breeze. Bursts of vibrancy, swirling throughout your wedding photographs.

Wedding stationary. Clean, white invitations & menus, brushed with watercolour strokes of coral.

Wedding favours. Coral macaroons, brushed with delicate gold leaf: bold but tasteful.


Natural Coral

With the focus of the modern day very much on preserving the environment, 'Living Coral' seems fitting as an emblem for this upcoming year. Alluding to nature & the planet on which we live, coral, of course, has odes to the endangered ocean species, suggestive of the impact our daily choices have.

Does coral capture the mood of the planet, of 7 billion people? In some ways, it certainly does; reminding us of the environmental issues & climate change, ever-present & constant in the media.


Colour Psychology

Colour is used as a form of self-expression, be it through personality tests - used to dissect & diagnose personalities, star sign & birth month colouring, or ways of symbolising positive or negative emotions.

Colours evoke emotions & moods within us. Red, the colour perhaps most obviously associated with emotion - ranging from love, to danger, has both positive & negative connotations.

Coral, however, is a wholly positive colour & a wonderful way to both symbolise & predict the upcoming year.

images: pinterest


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