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Work Life Week with Hall & Co. Event Design

Since this week was 'work life week', I dug into the personal lives of our core team members to find out how they find the perfect work & life balance.


Elizabeth - Director

It's hard to switch off from work when you're a business owner, but I make sure I turn my phone off in the evenings to wind down. My perk of the day is walking Dudley.

Kerry – Wedding/Event Manager

The best way balance work and life is to make sure you work hard to enjoy plans. My favourite thing to do is go on holidays with my friends. To wind down, I watch a good detective series and spend time with my dogs.

Jo W – Marketing & Stylist

The perfect work balance for me is making sure one leaves work at work. Winding down is important - I groove to some funky music, explore with my camera and go for a run around the meadow.

Caitlin – Event Assistant & Student Intern

Work is always easier when you have plans or holidays booked up to look forward to. I try not to rush in the mornings and enjoy my first coffee. A motivational quote gets me through a bad day.

Jo S – Stylist & Florist

My work life balance is easier as I love my job. It's hard to wind down as I work from home regularly. My top tip would be to make sure you love your job as then you’ll never work a day in your life.

Lisa – Stylist

I like a day to myself to get me through a working week - go for a long walk with my camera and watch the season change. I enjoy a yoga class and reading the 'In the moment' magazine.

Rachel – Operations/Logistics

I don’t believe the perfect work/life balance can be achieved but I do look forward to a day off. I love not setting an alarm. My top tip would be to just take make the most of each day, whether it be at work or not.

Frankie – Café Manager

I try to vary my work days with different task to keep it interesting. I like to book up holidays and visits to see family throughout the year to look forward too.


Turning phones off, making plans ahead of time and doing the things that chill you out... that's how you can create a perfect work and life balance.

How do you create balance?

Hall & Co Team x


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