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Podcasts and Hardback's

As a collective of individuals invested in personal and business development, our Hall & Co. office team thought we would share some of our favourite books and podcasts in celebration of #bookloversday


Our Sister Business, Little Acre Kitchen, recently featured in Cambridge Cookbook's 'Second Helpings' with their infamous Sweetcorn Fritters. If you fancy trying to recipe yourself, pop on into to our cafe to grab your copy now. Happy Cooking!

Elizabeth: "Abigail Ahern's Colour is one of my favourite books to date. The book discuss the use and movement of colour throughout settings and design. I highly recommend to any others looking for some interesting down-time reading."

Jo: "Probably the most inspiring interior styling book to set foot in Hall & Co. From the amazing Jungalow Blog by Justina Blankeney, we adore this bohemian, urban jungle style."

Kerry: "The Wedding Bible, by Sarah Haywood is a step-by-set up book on weddings. With lots of fact and got-to-know information with pretty images that inspire, we love this Wedding bible for when we all need a little 'inspo'."

Cara: "House of plants is probably our little Plant bible in the office. It's full of simple information that's not overwhelming when it comes to plant propagation and plant TLC. We're slightly obsessed with plants and foliage over here!"

Dom: "Yotam Ottolenghi is probably one of my favourite chefs out there. His food is a whirlwind of sensation and colour, with style like no other. I have quite the collection of his books."


As well as books, our team live for a dog-walking, lunch break, cleaning day Podcast soundtrack.

Business Talk

5 levels of leadership- John C. Maxwell

How to be over-subscribed- Daniel Priestley


We go by a 'TED before Bed'. Not sure what this is? Download the TED App and click 'Surprise me'. You'll be hit with a random talk by an invited TED speaker. There are motivating business and personal development talks.

Hilarity & Down Time Podcasts (with a few murder mysteries)

'Serial' by Sarah Koenig


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