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Choosing Your Seasonal Summer Flowers with Hall & Co. Event Design

Whatever time of year you are planning your wedding, choosing seasonal wedding flowers is the best way to capture the beauty and atmosphere of the season.


When it comes to your wedding flowers it is always best to stick to seasonal, but what does seasonal actually mean? and how will this influence your decision as a bride to be?

Put simply seasonal does not mean cheaper or locally grown, this is the biggest misconception out there when it comes to wedding flowers. Using seasonal flowers simply means that the flowers are in season and at their best now; Simple! They look nicer and the quality is much better.

For example, the Peony that everyone goes mad for is in season from mid-May to early July they can be shipped in from abroad at other times of the year, but the quality will be poorer.

So, what is in season now I hear you ask?

Summer is the peak time for flowers to bloom. During the summer season you can source flowers in every colour of the rainbow. Garden roses, stocks and sweet peas, lavender, dahlias and hydrangeas are all popular summer flowers.

Roses - stylish and timeless

Stocks - great for adding height and available in loads of different shades

Sweet peas - cute and delicate

Lavender - dreamy scent and can be picked up in huge bunches at great value from lavender fields

Hydrangeas - adds lots of volume and are great for creating large floral displays

Succulents - perfect for adding texture to a bouquet

Soft and gentle summer blooms in shades such as light pinks, whites, lilacs and pale purples work beautifully together as below.


Top summer wedding flower tip

It is always a good idea to have vases of water available for the bride and bridesmaids bouquets to rest in after the ceremony. This will keep them as fresh as possible, stop them from wilting and add to the venue décor.


Keep up to date with Hall & Co as our summer season kicks off

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