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Today we have the joy of catching up with Event Manager and Stylist Charlotte S. Since Charlotte joined us in the summer of 21, she has not only created many showstopping events but has taken the reins on our Christmas Services and now project manages lots of exciting commercial Christmas collaborations.

Let's find out a little more about Charlotte:

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1. Tell us about your wedding or dream wedding.

So I actually got married myself last year, lockdown planning bride here!

My partner and I designed a small, relaxed day, focusing on sharing our joint passions of the outdoors and canoeing, which is actually how we met. Our key design elements were taken from an alpine style with long rustic tables, greenery garlands, and a mix of vintage-style lanterns and candles. We had a sharing-style feast with our guests and finished the party with a flavored gin & cider bar and a live ceilidh band.

2. Why did you join Hall & Co.?

I joined Hall and co because of the full-service aspect of the business. Every day at work is different, from menu tastings with couples, to prop deliveries or sourcing, floristry installs to then handing the Bride and Groom their first glass of fizz after the ceremony. Every day is engaging, challenging, and rewarding!

3. What is your dream venue to work at & why? I couldn't possibly choose just one, but I'd love to style The Pumping House, Ollerton. The venue has such great light and industrial Victorian features to work with. Likewise a super industrial space like MC Motors, London would be a super exciting project. And of course, a greenhouse wedding would be an absolute dream for me. I am a lover of Victorian through to 40's industrial charm.

4. What is your career background?

My career background isn't the most traditional route into this field of work but has given me a wide background of knowledge. I worked as a set designer and dresser, planning and creating seasonal schemes for TV studios, location shoots, and commercials. As well as this I've worked as a professional confectioner and cake maker and also in event catering.

5. Top 3 podcasts or books.

The top podcast would have to be Rob Becket and Josh Widdicome's Parenting Hell -Even though I am not a parent, it's simply hilarious.

And then coming in 2nd No such thing as a fish. They come up with really interesting facts and if every day is a school day, it may as well be funny too.

And for reading, whilst I don't read anywhere near as often as I should, and admittedly I usually need to be on holiday to make time to read. I am a fan of the Outlander novels, failing that I had a few well-thumbed baking books that I couldn't be without.

6. What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love going on outdoor adventures with my partner and our pup. We love to go hiking, camping, and canoeing; Hamish is a great boat captain! When not adventuring I would be baking, watching my favourite films for the 100th time, or most likely found in TK max hunting for candles and throws.

7. What are your values/core values? I'd say my core values are founded on authenticity, curiosity and growth.

8. What is your favourite installation of the year so far? There have been some really special designs this year, but Burghley Christmas Market has to be up there. Growing up nearby, we used to visit Burghley a lot for family walks at weekends and Christmas and so it was quite special to work with this venue and see it come to life.

9. What inspires you? I would say in life I am inspired by community, leadership, and new experiences. Creatively, I am inspired visually by rustic natural aesthetics, like forests and mountains. And then purpose-wise, by stories and telling the narrative of a couple or an event through styling choices and design. 10. Dream travel destination? Anywhere with good food and adventure activities! Italy is high on my list along with Mexico, but if I could go anywhere tomorrow it would have to be Canada for the mountains and lakes.

11. What’s the most exciting part of your job? For me, the most exciting part is seeing a client or couple get to see the design we have created in real life for the first time. Whether that be a bride seeing a bouquet, a couple walking through their wedding breakfast for a private moment before the guests are welcomed in, or a corporate client seeing their space transformed into something special. After months of proposals, discussions, and work it's always a special moment.

12. Favourite food?

Has to be chocolate, but cheese is a close second.

13. Favourite drink?

Dr. Pepper, but I am a fan of a good Gin Bramble.

14. Favourite binge-watch show? I am a big fan of historical style dramas, Outlander, Bridgerton etc, but my go to binge watch has to be Friends because I'm a 90s child.

15. When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

I never had a dream job as a child. I did always know I wanted to be creative, I'd always be doing art projects with things I could find around the house, setting up parties for my toys, or becoming super invested in how we would decorate the house for Christmas that year, and how soon we could start.

16. Any hidden talents? Others would likely say baking, but it's not hidden as I will find any excuse to bake and feed people treats. I have previously been a competitive highland dancer, and a white water kayaker but both those skills are seriously rusty now.

17. Who are you inviting to your dinner party, alive or dead? My ideal dinner party would be a room of inspiring and funny women just having the best time. Tina fey, Amy Poehler, Meryl Streep, Mellisa McCarthy, Anne Hathaway.

18. What 3 items would you take with you to a deserted island? A hammock (always got to be comfy) and then a knife and a first aid kit.

19. What’s your idea of a perfect day? My perfect day would be an outdoor breakfast with French bread and croissants, maybe a short hike with a viewpoint, an early evening paddle in a canoe, and ending with a campfire.

20. What would your last meal be? Easy. Baked camembert starter, some kind of lamb with potato dauphinoise, followed by cheesecake dessert. Maybe a cheeseboard to finish. Four courses of cheese, why not.


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