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Personalised Catering: How Does Your Menu Reflect You?

Food is a huge part of people’s lives. At a wedding, it’s unlikely that all guests will know one another. But food gets us talking. It’s a springboard for conversation in unfamiliar situations. So once the food comes out the door guests then have something in common to talk about. But what do you want your guests to be saying?

"Her dress was beautiful. That band were amazing. The was food was... Lamb." Will & Kate rocked it for their wedding back in 2011 by using the finest British ingredients that reflected their classic style. But if you don’t fancy dishing out a royal wedding for your guests, why not change things up? Take a look at this summery take we did of a shoulder of lamb by serving it with fresh pomegranate and heritage tomatoes.

Just like we shared in our previous blog ‘Wedding Traditions: Where Are They Now?’ traditional weddings are becoming a thing of the past. Couples are embracing their individuality and want to share that on their wedding day. Whether you grew up by the seaside and want fish and chip inspired canapes or you fell in love in Barcelona and want a paella station, there’s a world full of exciting options to help you personalise your wedding food.

Photo credit: The Boathouse Palm Beach Weddings

Heritage and culture play massive roles in our enjoyment of food. Back in December 2019 we catered for a wedding with a bespoke selection of canapes including single malt cured salmon and haggis croquettes. Safe to say the groom’s Scottish side of the family were very pleased! Here’s some childhood dishes that our we’ve put a spin on to help inspire some of your own ideas:

  • Local Lincolnshire sausages with a fresh herb and white bean mash and a drizzle of rosemary olive oil

  • Slow cooked garlic and thyme beef ragu with pappardelle and a parmesan tuille

  • Butternut chili with piquante peppers stuffed with sour cream and fresh coriander

  • Earl grey infused sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream ice cream

  • Deep fried bread and butter pudding topped with flaked almonds and pistachios and a cardamom cream

Photo credit: Lina and Tom Photography

At Hall & Co, we’re lucky to have a talented and passionate team of food lovers to help couples create special touches to their menu. Drop us an email at for some personalised inspiration.

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