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Merry, Bold & Bright Christmas Decorations for Junkyard Golf

During a busy 5 days towards the end of November, the team travelled the length and breadth of the country installing Christmas decorations for Junkyard Golf.

We worked with Junkyard to design their bespoke seasonal décor and create installations for the festive period that tied in perfectly with their bold and colourful branding. Think oversized neon baubles, over 70 metres of garland, and lots and lots of tinsel (yes tinsel… but trust us!)

When working with both private and corporate clients, we take a bespoke approach and create installations that are completely unique. Throughout the design process with Junkyard, we took time to understand each venue’s quirks and where the decorations would be most impactful. Due to the distance of each venue and quick turnaround, we were unable to carry out site visits. However, a flurry of emails, zoom calls and pictures of the space meant we were able to design the bespoke décor from our Cambridgeshire studio and install this without disruption, outside of their operational hours.

The concept was a bold, merry, and joyful scheme, which worked harmoniously alongside the brand’s maximalist interiors. This fun take on the festivities perfectly suited the aesthetic that the mini golf chain is renowned for, and worked hand-in-hand with the décor and styling which was already in place.

These were by no means your classic Christmas decorations, and included an assortment of fun non-traditional elements, such as Rubik’s cubes, Slinky’s and Hawaiian leis. We took inspiration from the theming of the different courses, which included a UV rave room, tropical madness and 90s garage, and designed a range of multi-media garlands and quirky trees.

Once the designs were approved, the team set to work handpicking decorations and sourcing additional items where required.

We incorporated décor that maximised photo opportunities in each venue, including kitsch tinsel garlands for each golf caddy, which created the perfect Instagramable spot for customers to engage with on social media.

Renowned for its fun cocktails, the Christmas period sees each venue swarmed with high traffic and Christmas parties. With this in mind, we tried to avoid items which could easily be moved or broken and opted primarily for hanging installations at each venue.

Along with garlands inside, we created festive entrance arches at several of the venues to welcome customers and add festive curb appeal. At others, we styled a selection of colourful trees for the windows. Complete with bold baubles, pom-pom garlands and cascades of disco balls at the base, this fun take on a classic Christmas decoration again helped to style the space, while also gaining the customers attention as they walked past.

If you’d like to know more about our bespoke Christmas styling or are a brand that would like to work with us, please get in touch now.


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