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Top Tips For Accessorising Your Lounge Furniture

Lounge areas at weddings and events are as popular as ever before, and we can totally see why! A cosy corner is the perfect place for guests to have a comfortable catch up and often offer a quiet place in the evening, away from the dancing, for older guests to relax. Lounge furniture can help to style and complete spaces and offers a practical but beautiful seating option. To make sure the furniture doesn’t look sparse or lost in the space, it’s vital to ensure it is accessorised to complete the look and really make the most of your prop hire.

Here are a few key accessories from our team of stylists.

Our lounge furniture, styled by our team at the Granary Estates. Image captured by Kelsie Low.

Soft furnishings

Cushions and throws are a must when styling your lounge area! They are the perfect accessories to help to complete the look and give a cosy feel. They are a brilliant way of introducing colour, and our stylists recommend choosing tones which compliment the colours being used in the rest of the day.

Using different textures such as fur or velvet can add a new dimension to a lounge area. Blankets and throws are also perfect for making sure your guests stay cosy, when the evening draws in.

Soft furnishings are so important! Our leather chesterfield sofa finished with a faux fur throw and cushion. Image captured by our team.

Plants and foliage

We find that plants really help to soften a lounge area and transform the look, creating a dreamy boho feel. Plants large and small can really help to create a unique style and define the space. You could also consider using dried foliage and florals in vases for your lounge area, such as a large vase of pampas to give a more modern look.


A rug is a must for any lounge area and really helps to complete your lounge area. The addition of a rug to your lounge furniture will help to create a homely feel and soften the space. When choosing your rug think about what colours and textures might work. We have a huge range of rugs in our collection, so make sure to talk to our team of stylists about which might work in your lounge area.

Our Vivienne Sofa works perfectly with one of our Persian rugs. Photo by our team.


If your venue permits them, including candles in your lounge area can be a brilliant addition! Not only do they look beautiful and help to create a cosy atmosphere for guests to relax in, you could also think about including a scented candle to make your lounge area not only look amazing but smell divine! Talk to a member of our team about the range of beautiful candle holders that we have for hire.

Coffee tables and side tables

Don’t forget coffee tables and side tables when hiring props for your event! An essential for your guests to rest their drinks on and structure your lounge area. They are also the perfect place to stage smaller props such as plants, candles or lamps. Make sure to ask a member of our team about our range of side tables.

Don't forget to think about side tables and coffee tables for your lounge area. Perfect for guests to rest their drinks and also for additional accessorises like candles and plants. Image captured by our team.


The ultimate accessory to make sure your lounge area feels cosy and complete! A lamp is the perfect option for creating a soft, warm light throughout your lounge area, and as the evening draws in and the lights are dimmed, they can be perfect for ensuring your lounge area remains well lit. We love a standard lamp like the one pictured below.

Lamps are an excellent touch when accessorising a lounge area, just make sure you have sockets located where you are intending to stage your props so any lamps can be plugged in. Lounge furniture from our Prop Shop, styled by our team, florals by our team. Captured by Ayelle Photography.


Why not think about including small floral arrangements in your lounge area? This can be a great alternative to plants, or work alongside them beautifully. Using similar flowers to those in the rest of the wedding can help to tie the look together and create a cohesive design. Why not think about reusing your aisle ends or the bridesmaids bouquets in vases to decorate your lounge area after the ceremony?

Our Dudley Chair is complimented perfectly by this floral urn arrangement created by our team of florists.

There are so many ways to accessorise your lounge area to create a cosy corner, if you are still ensure why not talk to a member of our team who will be delighted to share some ideas!

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