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7 ways to get the most out of your Open-Air Photo booth with Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

Lets face it, who doesn’t enjoy letting their hair down and capturing some photos with friends after a long week.! Open-Air Photo booths are an incredible form of modern entertainment. They capture the interest of every guest walking by, and get the excitement and good energy flowing at weddings. There aren’t many guests that won’t have a go on them too, as they really do entertain all age groups (a great distraction for the little ones).

Image: Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

So firstly, lets just wrap this up. What is an Open-Air Photo booth? These booths are simply ones that are not enclosed, actually there is no booth involved. These retro forms of entertainment are fab because they are usually much more easy on the eye and offer a deluxe feel to the experience as a whole.

If you haven’t guessed yet, it can be a rather challenging project planning a wedding! Offering you some advice with how you can get the most out of you photo booth bookings, Waterfall Photo Booth Co. have given their insight and some top tips for you to consider.


The ideal time to start is just after your wedding breakfast ends. This often lands around 7-8pm depending on your days schedule and this is something your wedding planner or venue coordinator can help you with. Getting the booth set up in the background just adds to a smooth running of your day and adds some element of excitement once the breakfast ends and your reception begins! Booths can get your guests into the spirit before the music starts. A light form of entertainment to reignite the energy in the room!

Sweet Spot

Most importantly, make sure it is in amongst the action. It can be tempting to stick it in a corner somewhere out of the way, or spread your entertainment out right across the venue, but you may not get the best out of your booth. Somewhere right between the bar and the music is great. It will get lots of use and create a great atmosphere.

People will gather around the photo booth whilst they’re having a laugh, so be careful not to obstruct the bar, or a busy walk way.

Try not to burst your friends eardrums by placing it right near your band or DJ’s PA speakers.

Image: Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

Group Shots

Whether insta is your portfolio or facebook is your frame, who doesn’t love capturing a killer selfie to share, along with some good times with crazy friends.

Don’t forget to grab you close ones and get those group shots in as when will you get all of your family together in a room on the same day again!

Pictures of the happy couple!

One of the great aspects of having a booth is that whilst you are enjoying mingling with your guests leiusurely throughout the day, you can rest assured that they will not be bored, because they have some photo booth entertainment. Please please make sure you take a moment to snap some couple shots of you both however, especially if you have paid for a bespoke guestbook to be made with your photos from the day.

It is very easy to let the day slip by as you will be mingling with your family and friends and sipping back those glasses of fizz. This is one not to be missed by you two however! Luckily, if you have booked a booth attendant as well, they often come to grab you for some sizzling shots. If you have an unattended booth, we recommend you ask on of your bridesmaids to take the reigns with this one!

Image: Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

Photo Album

Not offered by all, but a retro service offered by many booth companies now is a bespoke guest book service. This unique idea is fab because you can see the day from your guests points of view, grab some epic photos with family and friends and enjoy looking back on these along with their cute message, for years to come!

You are sure to have some belly laughs gazing through the days events and watch how to the photos get more interesting as the night goes on.

Image: Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

Themed Weddings

Whether your having a rustic or modern wedding theme, open air photo booths come with a backdrop of your choice, so this can compliment your wedding theme rather than stick out like a sore thumb. The backdrop choices can include pinks, whites, florals, foliage and many more.

Are you getting married at Christmas? this can be tailored too!

You should always tell your supplier about any themes, as they may just have a selection of props to suit your wedding day too. Mention your wedding plans in your booking form or add to the special requirements section as a request and this could pump up your entertainment from a 9/10 to 10/10.

Save the Dates

Underrated and not considered by many, but this is an epic way to spend half a day with your fiancé celebrating your engagement and giving your guests a taster of what to expect. It’s a day to be silly with a killer backdrop and quirky props (or ditch these if you prefer a minimalist look). Few booths have professional quality cameras integrated inside these days which means there is nothing you can’t capture here that a professional can. Ask your venue for a recommended supplier list and they will likely have some local companies who you can get in touch with in order to see if this is something they can offer.

We have designed this as a sweetener package for couples as it gets the wedding excitement flowing between you and sending out Save the Dates is awesome because this is when it all starts to feel REAL!! I mean you officially have a date and that’s pretty cool.

Image: Waterfall Photo Booth Co.

Open-air Photo booths are entertainment for the 21st century and the styles available now mean that you no longer have to crouch in an inflatable pop up version. You can add some epic fun and deluxe style to your wedding day with an open-air photo booth, quirky props and backdrop to suit your event!

Written by Janine Waterfall

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