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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Prop Hire

With the launch of our new prop shop website, it's now easier than ever to hire out props to help style your wedding. Our team of stylists can help bring your vision to life. They can select pieces for you, make styling suggestions and set it all up on the day. However, if you opt to just hire, here's three simple steps to get the most out of your props:

Step 1: Where is it going?

If you're styling your ceremony, it doesn't mean props have to stay at the same location. Think about where your guests will be later on. You can use lanterns to accent hallways and entrances or reuse your signing table and chairs for your wedding breakfast.

Photo credit: Sarah Brookes Photography

Step 2: What is it doing?

You might think this is an obvious one. A rug is just a rug, right? But it can do so much more than just bring a seating area together. You can use them to add drama to your aisle or to frame you and your partner stand to say 'I Do'.

Step 3: Who is it for?

If your wedding reception is in a large venue, you may have several lounge areas to accommodate children, elderly guests or as a quiet retreat. Why not reinvent a space for different people throughout the day. A kids corner won't be needed late at night so clear off the coffee table from crayons and reuse it as a rest spot for your dancing feet. Read more here about how to decide what furniture is best for your event.

A selection of our props creating a dreamy lounge area. Photo Credit: Kelsie Lowe Photography

By considering the use of furniture throughout the day and the flow of your reception, you can map where your styling will be seen most. You don't want to hire a beautiful loveseat for it to become neglected by the end of the night. It might sound simple, but our three steps will help you make the most out of your prop hire and continue a theme throughout your wedding.

If you're interested in having one of our event managers assist you in your styling we would love to hear from you.

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