How Can I Incorporate Plants At My Wedding or Event with Hall & Co. Event Design

Perhaps you're a bit of a green thumb or you adore seeing your indoor & outdoor plants grow. Perhaps on your wedding or event you feel as though there would be a few members left out of the wedding party (and by members I mean your beloved plants). So how can one incorporate plants into their day?!


It's safe to say theres been a surge in plant love! It's trendy but don't let that overshadow the great thing that plants ensure: Mental wellness in a full & lively living space.

There are numbers of plant hire companies all around the UK, in fact you probably have a nursery around the corner! However, there are specific London based plant installation pros ready to wow you with proposals.

So what can plants be used for?

Empty space. It's always the elephant in the room. Things won't flow harmoniously throughout your venue or structure if you have a large empty corner you're not using. Or take a walkway thats too angular and rigid. Throw some gorgeous birch trees either side of your walkway and you have an excellent photo frame as you walk in while achieving a light touch of the outdoors.

S&J- Daniel Ackerley Photography

How about centrepiece's or little succulent gifts? Similar to the 'let love grow' seed trend a little while ago, succulents or cacti are taking the main stage. The perfect gift for people to bring back with them, pop on a window shelf and see it grow! Succulents, cacti & herbs are the perfect touch of green for those who can't have flowers at their event due to allergies. See, there's always a silver lining!

Incorporate a little of your personality at your wedding. Don't be afraid to go for something perhaps some won't agree with (sometimes the traditional wedding roadblock stops imagination and individuality). Remember, this is your day and this blog is merely a source of some ideas for you.

So, who's around?

Well, if you're hosting an event more London City way, we recommend the Conservatory Archives. We've been following them around a little bit and boy can we say these guys know what's up with the plant installations & hire business!

What about something local?

Check out local garden centres near you. It's spring, natures favourite season! Garden centres will be filling up with all kinds of beautiful plants & trees. This way you can use these for your event or wedding, then bring them home. You just need to work out a mode of transportation...


What do you think? Plants are your wedding?

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