'How Much Alcohol Do I Need For My Wedding' with Hall & Co. Event Design

A popular topic when it comes to tastings and meetings, and a very important one at that. Nobody wants to be wasting money on drinks no will drink and rather save money where they can, so here's some questions along with some ideas to help you with the booze decisions. So, how much alcohol do you need for your wedding?


Know your guests

If you've sank a fair few with your friends & family, you know what they will and won't drink. Perhaps cut back on the red, and opt in for more white, jaeger and gin. If you would like a fizz toast or welcome drink, but know not all your guests will enjoy this, they will take a glass if there is something else to mix it with.

We recommend orange juice or Chambord.

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What you should get

Booze of course, but soft drinks and water. If you're in an outdoor venue, like a tipi or Marquee, make sure you buy bottled water if there is no running water there.We recommend 1 litre of water per person for the day.

For wine and fizz, you can get 6 glasses out of one bottle. We recommend half a bottle per person too. Maths, its enjoyable right?

"So if there's 112 people coming, some like white, some like beer, but X cannot have sulphates and Y can't be around alcohol... ". We get it, it's overwhelming.

As long as you let your caterers know about X & Y, all will be okay. Supply an alcohol substitute, like a fizzy elderflower cordial. Also, there are a variety of trusty tools available to help you with things...

- https://www.majesticwinecalais.co.uk/quantity-calculator


Water, fruit juice or squash.

We recommend a water station with a kilner jar so they can run riot and drink when they need to without asking for a glass.


There are numerous alcohol wholesalers, like Cambridge Wine Merchants who offer a 'Sale or Return' policy, giving you something back in case you have lots of one kind you won't drink left over.


Want to know more? Get in touch with your wedding planner or event manager to help you along with things.

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