Christmas Stationery Ideas with Bewilderly

Our lovely in-house stationery Queen, Frankie or Bewilderly, chats Christmas and her business with team Hall & Co.


Classic, Redefined, Elegant


How would you describe your artistic style in three words?

Classic, refined and elegant.

What inspired you to learn calligraphy?

Other peoples beautiful artwork and designs - through social media and websites.

Have you ever studied art or design?

I studied art during my GCSE’s, onto A levels and also did a foundation course.

Favourite ink and nibs to work with?

My favourite nib is the Nikko G nib, its a hard nib with a very vey fine tip. My favourite inks are the classic blacks (Higgins eternal) and I love the Dr. Ph. Martens bleed proof white as well.

What’s your favourite thing about the festive season?

Just the exciting atmosphere it brings and spending time with family.

Let’s discuss Christmas colours and stationery. What are your top colours and illustrations to work with?

Christmas colours for me would be the brilliant golds within calligraphy - especially for place cards. Illustrations I would definitely always pick watercolours - and for Christmas it would be watercolour red berries and missile toe!

Today you’re going to show us some behind the scenes work of your name card designs. Tell us a little about how people can reach you to order some for their Christmas parties and dinners?

The best way to reach me is always through email, but I display all my work on Instagram, so thats a good place to start if you want to find all my work (I have a website in the making!)

What are your top stationery items you recommend to people to complete their place settings?

Thick smooth place cards of your choice (I would go 230gsm or thicker) a good fine nib, cork pen holder and a high-quality ink.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about stationery designers/calligraphy artists?

How much time and love goes into bespoke design sets. Its a long process but we adore trying to get your visions onto paper - after all it is the first insight your guests have to your wedding!


Thanks Frankie for the stationery advice!

Watch our behind the scenes video with Bewilderly

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