Event Management Internship: Three Months In

Another blog which means months have passed, new things have been learnt and lot’s more boomerangs! I’m now half way through my placement; How time fly’s!


As I mentioned in my last blog, at the end of July I helped manage the wedding of A&J – what an experience! Not only was it a beautiful wedding for a lovely couple, but there were no mishaps. My first wedding went perfectly.

Since then, I’ve continued to expand my knowledge and training. I’m now in contact with many suppliers and talking to couples directly about helping them with their wedding day. A highlight of mine is being a point of contact for P&D’s wedding – it’s so rewarding, and I can’t wait for the big day.


I wanted to highlight my working week. I’m always getting asked what I’m up too and what jobs I do.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays in general are my days off. Time to refuel after a busy weekend.

  • Wednesday’s and Thursdays are office days- when we’re not playing with hula hoops or hiding in cardboard boxes- I often help in the prop shop with general organising, cleaning, and packing for the events. Then to my desk. I learn a lot of background work involved in events during this time. Invoicing, supporting suppliers, talking to clients, marketing, and general admin jobs.

...then the weekend hits…

  • Set ups. By far my favourite part of the week as I love seeing a blank space become a beautiful wedding venue. It can also be hard, tiring and busy but rewarding. The day involves venue layouts, table setting, organising supplies and stock, kitchen organising and bar sorting, as well as any additional requirements, if needed, such as draping, lighting or lounge areas.

  • The event day. A long day, but it never drags. A small set up to start the day, followed by a team briefing so we all know what we’re doing that day. My role will vary for each event but with lots going on (drinks receptions, canapes, drink stations, the wedding breakfast etc) there’s always a job to do. As a team, we all get our hands in, share jobs and work together, to make the event a success.

  • Take Downs. There’s almost always a takedown of some sort. This just ensures that the venue is back to its original state and everyone is happy post event.

Confetti Pony Jack and some delicious canapés.

I feel I’ve now begun to find my feet – not only in Hall and Co, but also in the world of events. I now know where my talents lie and what weaknesses I need to work on. I feel more professional and confident in myself. I’m feeling really positive about where my journey is heading.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog post

Caitlin X

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