Relaxation Reminder

From May to September, Team Hall & Co. are rushed off their feet with weddings, corporate events, home-dining and prop hire. Days off vary for everyone depending on their weekly schedule. Let's catch up with the team and see what they do to enjoy some down time during busy periods of the year.


Elizabeth Hall- Director

"In the midst of replying to emails, browsing Swoon and H&M home, I get air from the computer screen in the morning when I walk Dudley and in the afternoon when I take the team on office breaks around St. Ives. There's always a trip to Holland & Barrett for some humous crisps! I've recently re-designed my garden, so a nice summer evening sitting outside with a book is picture perfect for me. It's amazing what an early night of sleep can do too!"


Dominic Hall- Director/Head Chef

"In the kitchen, we pin ball ideas to create our own spin on dishes, ingredients and flavours. Out of the kitchen and at home, I like to spend a little down time with the pup, Dudley, cook on the BBQ and enjoy a little peace and quiet with a good craft beer. This brings my cooking mind back to it's roots, refreshed and ready to get back to the kitchen!"


Cara Ching- Event Manager/Stylist

"I’ve decorated my desk with little plants, positive quotes and stylish stationery. It’s really important to me to face the day with a positive attitude, after all that’s when everyone is most productive. In the evenings I attend Yoga classes back home to help quieten the work mind and get a good nights rest. In the office I put my headphones in to get focused- along with good brain food from Little Acre Kitchen!"


Kerry Higgins- Event Manager/Stylist

"Growing up with dogs my whole life, I can't imagine a life without them. I love going home to my little cockapoos, Alfie & Lula. Plus we have Dudley as our office dog; it's dog fever at Hall & Co.! Time with animals is always time well spent; it brings me such joy! I love time away travelling; it's good to have things to look forward to. After a break away I feel refreshed and ready for event life. I love making up new cocktail ideas and exploring outside with friends, getting that little bit of fresh air."


Jo Woodford- Stylist and Marketing Manager

"I help out with everything in the business working alongside our team of stylists, chefs and event managers. A lot of my inspiration comes from the team members, their experiences and passion for the company. I thrive off of city breaks and little trips around the UK and back home in Scotland. I’m really visual so I can spend hours looking at interior design and modern art pages. I spend a lot of late nights creating macrame pieces which is the best way to wind down after a hectic week. Mind mapping, colour coding and re-writing notes helps me bring my sudden night-owl ideas into realities. I live for little 5 minute breaks away from the office as it helps me keep productivity high while getting fresh air and some sun on my face."


Frankie Nicholson- Little Acre Kitchen Cafe Manager, In-House Calligrapher

“I studied art at college after school and hadn’t kept up with art for a while. Then I found calligraphy and have fallen in love with the art of writing. I look at a lot of calligraphy pages especially on Instagram for inspiration. I’m from Brighton so trips home to get some me-time, see the coloured buildings, the seaside and pier are a great way to gage some new design ideas and see family and friends. Strolling through the cobbled streets and popping into vegan cafes for interior and presentation inspiration helps me push my skills and signature style. Time away works wonders for the creative soul!"


It's clear to say that Hall & Co. push relaxation days when the team have days off, allowing their staff to regroup and recover. Arts & crafts, yoga, cooking and walking help the team get back to themselves, ready to get back into the hectic Working Wedding Season.

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