Wedding Ideas for Men with Hall & Co. Event Design

It’s certainly easy to get swept away with all of the feminine, bridal details, while forgetting to add any special masculine touches to your wedding.

Whether your groom wants to have a hands-on role in designing your wedding or not, here’s a few ways in which you can ensure his day is as personal to him as it is to you.


“The Man Cave”

Classy, elegant, yet moodily masculine. With leather, Ottoman style armchairs and sofas, deep browns and dusky lighting, the ambiance will keep the men both comfortable and entertained.


Whisky Bar

With or without the man cave, a whisky bar is a sure way of adding a hint of masculinity. Dressed elegantly, with cut glass decanters, delicately handwritten labels and a variety of garnishes.

A red wine bar would be similarly cool and decadent.


Beer Bar

If the men in your life are more partial to a beer, why not add a styled beer station to your wedding. It’s sure to keep the men occupied and refreshed, whilst adding an air of informality and something a little different to your wedding.


Cigar Cart

Adding an air of expense, masculinity and a touch of the roaring twenties..


His ‘n’ Her’s

Why not create your own signature welcome drinks, adorned with handwritten signs and illustrations. A perfect way to express and symbolise both of your personalities to your guests.


His Passions

If he insists on having Chelsea’s colours as part of your colour palette, don’t shut him down straight away, there are ways of making it tasteful and subtle. Perhaps hints of blue within the buttonholes and trailing bouquet ribbon. Delicate blue flowers mixed with whites and pastels. Hints of blue in the wedding stationary, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t have to be brash or obvious.

Similarly, if he’s always dreamed of a Star Wars wedding, there are ways to make it tasteful to keep him happy. Hanging flower balls could create a ‘planet’ effect, while metallic splashes on your wedding stationary could add an intergalactic twist. As long as it’s subtle, it’ll work.

Likewise, any of these special masculine touches would be so lovely as a surprise for your man. Although it may be difficult to keep it from him, it would make an especially memorable wedding gift.


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