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How To Pick Your Wedding Flowers with Hall & Co. Event Design

Whether flowers are central to your wedding, or whether they're last on your 'to do' list, here are a few little tips to bear in mind whilst planning your big day.


The Dress Is Key

Make sure your florist asks to see a picture or description of your wedding dress, as the bouquet should be designed according to your dress. A meadowy, textured bouquet is works beautifully paired with an elegantly simple dress, while a textured, detailed dress works well with a more simple, compact bouquet.


Floral Scents

Add a wonderfully perfumed flower or two to your designs and have that scent fondly remind you and your guests of your wedding day for many years to come.

Sweet Pea, Hyacinth, White O’Hara Rose and Lilac are a few flowers that spring to mind, all with incredibly delicate, yet powerful scents.


Bouquet Ribbon

When you have yours and your bridesmaids' dresses altered, keep the fabric and it can be used as perfectly matching ribbon for the bouquets.


Making The Most Of Your Flowers

Make sure you reuse your flowers throughout the day. Place yours and your bridesmaids’ bouquets in vases along the top table to both keep them fresh and for added effect. Move your table arrangements after your wedding breakfast to your evening reception to carry them through from day to night.


Creating Some Height

Marquees, for example, can be a vast, empty space. Fill the space with tall table arrangements, or, depending on budget, hanging florals; guaranteed to make an immediate impact and create the most wonderful ambiance.



Styling Your Venue Wisely

Bear in mind the places in which you can decorate in your venue. Could you create a ceremony backdrop, decorate the staircase, the fireplaces or even the bathrooms? It's wonderful when the florals carry through to the bathrooms, giving the guests a pleasantly unexpected surprise.


Regardless of budget, flowers will undoubtedly make a huge difference to your wedding. A few simple little floral vases and candles create such an ambiance without breaking the bank, while a magnificent floral arch is sure to stay with your guests forever.


Stay tuned on our Instagram over our summer season and the florists we work with...

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