Business Development Courses: Time To Invest In The Future

As a growing business we understand the importance in adapting to the ever-changing wedding market. But since expanding our offerings in 2015 adding the ‘DINE’ division to Hall & Co. Event Design ‘PLAN’ & ‘STYLE’ services, we haven’t been keeping track with our marketing strategy.

We’ve been occupied with the team and service development but we know since the re-brand it’s time to kick start our new business chapter under our new name and up our game. So, we’ve stepped up investing into new training courses to help improve our team skills, knowledge and ultimately expand our audience.


Owner and director, Elizabeth Hall is venturing to London on the 5th & 6th July to attend Janet Murray’s ‘Media Influence Live’ two-day training course covering all things PR related.

Janet Murray is a renowned PR and marketing master, offering advice and help to all business entrepreneurs. Her ‘Media Influence Live’ brings those keen to learn the world of round-about PR to table talks with editors, journalists, bloggers and successful businesses based in London with many a success to share.

"Since the business started as a Plan & Styling service for bride-to-bes, I always dreamed the business to go further. My husband came on board a few years ago and led the ‘Elizabeth Hall Event Design’ business into the world of event catering.

Since then, we have re-branded as Hall & Co. Event Design and evolved into a small army of passionate and skilled chefs, stylists, event managers and event/wedding planners.

Managing a big team has its struggles. Growing a business can be difficult and worrysome. But we have started to make our name in the East of England event & wedding industry. But I want it to go further.

Marketing, PR and Advertising are key components to growing a business. We not only want to grow the business further but share our breadth of knowledge and experience, and bring all our friendly suppliers with us.

A friend of mine told me about Janet Murray’s ‘Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart’ book a while ago. In between office, event days and the rare day off, I researched her name and read the book. When her training event went live, I knew I had to get on board.

The event brings networking with likeminded people keen to expand their business through media with informal chatting and table talks with high-profile individuals.

I’m keen to learn how to incorporate me and my teams skills and passions into business growth. Get back into my marketing head set (I studied Marketing & Advertising at Arts London before working in digital marketing and online content creation) to set time and energy in creating and implementing our business plan.

Development days like these are time worth taking out of office. Over the years I haven’t been able to enjoy time off. My husband Dominic and I took a holiday to Canada at the end of last year for the first time since starting the business in 2014. It really showed us that taking time off for ourselves is so important when running a business. It made us aspire to be able to run a successful business where we can enjoy a day off a week without worry or lists piling up in our head. Ultimately, it fuelled our desire for growth."

Image: Sarah Brookes Photography

Stylist and marketing assistant, Jo Woodford is off to London too, but for a totally different training day.

Hubspot is a globally known marketing and advertising software company currently making their way around the world with their ‘Global Event Series’, helping businesses and entrepreneurs like us adapt to today’s on-demand world.

"At university I touched on digital marketing and PR, but I always wanted to learn more. Since starting at Hall & Co a year and a half ago, we’ve all been hands on deck with events, ensuring the business is growing and staff are trained. However, now we have more staff and more time to invest in content creation, marketing and PR.

Since the re-brand we have upped our brand to suit our new business direction. What we need help with is staying smart, constant and updated with our marketing. Grow with Hubspot will help us step forward in the right direction to achieve our goals.

Gaining more conversions through our website and social media platforms is our top goal. By growing our audience through further business collaborations and media channels we can make Hall & Co. what we want it to be. A unique, full-service events company offering the three most important elements to the wedding & events industry.

The line-up of speakers includes some of Hubspot's business development leaders who have helped grow Hubspot from not just a technology and software company but to a business development blog, offering buckets of advice and help.

This is what we want to be able to do: make our business into a wealth of experience for the wedding & event novice by sharing our knowledge with help by directing people to us."


Stay tuned on Elizabeth & Jo's training courses on our favourite, Instagram platform.

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