Fighting Back Industry Critics

Recently the wedding industry has come under criticism for excessively charging for services. One feature in an established national magazine offers ‘pearls of wisdom plucked from a bride’s headpiece’ including:

“Don’t tell caterers or venue people supplying for a wedding that it is a wedding. They will slap on a premium and you will be paying back the debt for the rest of your life…”

Ouch, that hurt.

This beautiful bride did not, it seems, make the wise decision to meet the team at Hall & Co who would like to offer brides and grooms-to-be the story from the other side of the Big Day experience and three top tips to secure wedding day planning perfection.

Lets deal with the critics first.

We are part of a community of wedding professionals who go above and beyond what is asked of us to add that special something, the added magic and splash of sparkling fairy dust that turns a wedding event into a cherished memory.

That said, it seems that some people have got the wrong end of the bridal train and seem to think that, as suppliers, we wish to add a premium on everything we supply once we are informed it is for a wedding. That’s not the case – honest. The word ‘wedding’ itself does not alter the price of our services; we are consistently priced for supplying and managing all our events – be it a corporate event, a private birthday, a farewell gathering or wedding.

A wedding might cost a little more than other events but this is by no means because it is a wedding. The reason that a wedding may cost more than another type of event is because there are often more factors that need to be taken into consideration.

For instance, a wedding requires a set up the day prior to the big day, the event often runs longer so staffing costs have to be taken into consideration, several meetings are advised to gauge a couple’s requirements and then there is usually a site visit to the chosen venue and a tasting of your scrumptious celebratory menu.

As far as the wedding industry racking up a couple’s debt that will take a lifetime to repay, well that’s just nonsense.

As suppliers when a couple approach us we work around their budget to try and deliver their vision. Some couples want a lavish affair with all the trimmings and no expense spared but that is their decision guys, not ours. Our part is to make sure everything we supply more than meets their expectations. Other couples opt to spend less but their wedding day is just as important to us and we want to make everything we do for them as wondrous as can be. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

You see we are upfront with our clients and tell them what is going to be feasible within their budget. We make sure our services are delivered to a very high standard and let’s not forget that good manners and a smiley face come free.We work alongside our clients to ensure everything is practically perfect from big-entrance, flower-studded start to weary-eyed but awash-with-happiness 3am finish.

And while you enjoy tucking into the wedding breakfast, mingling with your glamorous guests or throwing some shapes on the fairy light-lit dance floor we will be quietly working behind the scenes to make sure your special day (and night) runs smoothly. That may require building scaffolding to hang pretty pastel drapes (taking it down again before the event and then building it up again to take everything away after the last person has left the dance floor), polishing champagne glasses so they sparkle and shine or preparing and serving chic canapes – it’s all in a day’s work. And it is hard work but we love it.

Our three top tips for securing the perfect day:

  • Be upfront about your budget. We will make suggestions that fit within it. It is important to provide us with as much information as possible when making your enquiry such as the venue, date, facilities wanted and number of guests. Give us your wish list and your budget and we will do the rest.

  • Look at cost effective ways to add impact to the overall look and feel of your wedding. We do love a coloured linen at Hall & Co Event Design as it visually brings tables together and adds impact to the room. It also only costs a few pounds per table to the overall budget. It’s about finding those little extras that give a big return for a small investment.

  • Consider getting married a couple of hours later. Why not say “I do” at 3pm instead of 1pm? Playing for time can save you quite a few pennies without taking away anything from your day. A slightly off-peak wedding time means reduced staffing costs, and, if you serve canapés, your wedding breakfast will be scheduled later in the day so you will need much less evening food. See, it’s the little things that can make a difference.

We have lots more tips to offer to make sure our clients are over the moon with their wedding. If you don’t believe us, go check our reviews or get in contact.

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