Events Management Internship: Caitlin's First Month

So it’s been one month into my placement! A fast and exciting month! I’ve been so eager to write this blog post because I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time and I can’t wait to share my experience.


What I’ve learnt so far...

  • Set ups – This month I’ve done set ups at Wilobe Farm Barn; a beautiful new venue that is managed by Hall and Co. I’ve learnt how to lay tables (from ironing, steaming and boxing table cloths to laying the right cutlery and glasses) and organise the kitchen, bar and suppliers (CMA orders etc).

  • On the Day – Stretch Tents, Wilobe and Granary Estates. A nice variety. I’ve carried Hall and Co’s signature canape trays, took part in the ‘snake’ for taking food to tables and clearing down after, popped open a bottle of prosecco for the first and used a corkscrew (I’m used to the simple screw tops!). I even styled a high-vis to park cars and wore blue gloves to help plate food in the kitchen.

  • Take Downs – At Wilobe. Learning what is involved in take downs, such as cleaning, sorting suppliers stuff and gathering things for the couple. Just getting the venue back to its original state and wishing the newly weds well.

  • Office – It was good to be behind the scenes. I got introduced to the prop shop which was like a completely different world of lanterns, draping and furniture. I’ve done a lot of online work with a range of different software, including work for the official Hall and Co website, and started my own blog series!

What I was Most Surprised About

I’d say there’s three main things I was most surprised about:

  1. The attention to detail is amazing. No job is too small to do. It’s ironing galore sometimes, from draping to chair covers, but it makes a huge difference

  2. The couples can ask for almost anything. I didn’t realise how flexible you could afford to be. Hall and Co will cater for almost any needs of the couple.

  3. Alcohol is more important than I realised. Guests will get irritated when there’s not enough so one glass of prosecco for the drinks reception will not go down well.

My Highlights

  • Being involved in a meeting for a 2019 couple was almost surreal. To see how it all begins from an initial meeting was lovely to observe.

  • I know I mentioned it before but the tree! They brought a tree into the venue! And Wow! It truly did look beautiful and it has amazed me!

  • The Hall & Co team have been so welcoming. Getting to know everyone and learning from their experiences has been the main highlight for me.

What I’m Hoping to Achieve

  • The ‘snake’ is defiantly a work in progress

  • I’d like to get bar trained eventually and learn more about alcohol and wines.

  • I want to know every single item in the prop shop! What a task that’ll be!

  • Gain confidence online using the new software and website, bits like that.

  • Obviously overall, I want to be a confident events manager. I know this will take some time and hard work, but I’m ready!

At the end of July, I’m taking over the reins for a wedding (with much needed help from Jo!). So, my next blog will be all about my first experience as an event manager.

Stay tuned..

Caitlin x

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