Supplier Spotlight: Cambridge Tent Company

To celebrate the launch of Cambridge Tent Companies new range of Sailcloth Tents, we spoke to Gemma who helps run the business bookings and liaise with clients, to get to know the company more.


Tell us about your business?

We are based in East Anglia and supply Tipis, Stretch Tents and brand new, Sailcloth Tents to weddings, parties and events across the region. We used to be 2 sister companies Cambridge Tipi and Octopus Tent and re-launched earlier this year with our new name and new website which we’re very proud of.

What is Cambridge Tent Companies business goal?

To keep doing what we’re doing! We’re really lucky with the couples and planners that we work with and feel really happy with the balance that we’ve struck between staying busy and being able to afford every single one of our bookings a really personable and bespoke service.

Where do you see the business in the future?

Still regional but with an even greater range of services and products. We pride ourselves on our service and being National isn't the end goal. But it would be great to offer clients an even broader package on wedding and event options – with years of experience, we’ve helped to organise tons of weddings; and in most cases our client’s will only be planning the one (2 if they’re lucky 😉 ! ) so finding a way to pass some of that across and help in the planning even more would be fantastic.

We exhibited at your Sailcloth launch (we had a great time!), we’d love to hear more about your new range.

We’re so excited about these new tents. Sometimes known as Sperry Tents, our Hampton’s Sailcloth’s are brand new to our range. They’re really striking but a closer in style to a vintage pole-marquee than the tipis or stretch tents; so perfect for couples looking for something a little more traditional but still unique and modern. We’ve just updated the brochure on the website so do take a look. They’re already proving really popular and we’re taking bookings for 2019 at the moment.

How is summer 2018 looking for you guys?

Really busy! We’ve been out already on festivals and weddings and the season is jam-packed. We’ve got new friendly faces in the office and install teams and making plans for 2019/20. We’re planning our Autumn Open Day already, and hoping that it will be our biggest yet and this will be being announced very soon, so Hall&Co got the skinny on that super early


We're looking forward to seeing you around this summer- the website looks great as does the new sailcloth range.

Thanks Gemma for sharing some insight in the business.

If you're looking to enquire about Cambridge Tent's Services check out their:




Hall & Co Team x

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