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International Kindness day is upon us! A day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its fine glory. It is so important to be kind to others but also to be kind to yourself. Image: Sarah Brookes Photography , Mogger Hanger Photoshoot What act of kindness will you be sharing this world kindness day? Whilst we are on the subject here's a few kind words from some of our lovely couples that make all of our efforts worth it. A and B We got married last July & decided to hold the wedding in a marquee in my parents garden. After a delicious tasting with Hall & Co Events we hired them straight away to do the catering, without going to any further tastings. The food was really, really good & very re

Vegan Wedding Food?

Happy vegan month to all the vegans out there! Let's get chatting with two of our very own vegans, Frankie and Charlotte who both work at our sister business, Little Acre Kitchen. Charlotte- Little Acre Teamie "I think I love animals too much. I don't agree with the slaughter of innocent animals as well as the fact dairy and eggs messes my body up!" "I keep up to date with regular blogs and instagram accounts for some food and drink alternatives!" Favourite vegan product: "Anna's date slice (grab it from Little Acre's counter!)" Favourite dish: "'Cheesy pasta with soaked cashews and looooots of nutritional yeast!" Frankie- Little Acre Manager "After watching several documentaries with my boy

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